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Research Proposal How to reduce the impact of negative peer pressure on children? Introduction In modern times, children and adolescents are highly susceptible to social control through external forces. These considerably affect their psychological development, leaving lasting marks that inevitably define their adult lives…
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Detailed Research Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages These definitions underpin the reason why it tends to wield strong influence on the behavior of teenagers. There are many reasons behind peer pressure but foremost of these is the desire of teenagers to follow people whom they idolize and wish to follow and also to belong and be identified with a group. This is, fundamentally, human nature. Therefore, it is inevitable. Humans are willing to adhere to social mores because it is a requisite in being a member of the community. The dynamics is the same in the case of peer pressure. The school and the social environment of children and adolescents is a microcosm of our society where membership, belongingness and recognition are very important aspects of growing up. The potency of influence of peers has also been attributed to the power of the crowd over its members. It has been said that it “provides a means of transition from unisexual to heterosexual social relationships by facilitating interclicque activities (Tierney et al., 52).” Negative peer pressure adversely impacts the psyche of young people and adolescents. The pressure from a group that an adolescent belongs to is very effective because minors are still not capable of completely comprehending the consequences of their actions. Drug abuse, smoking, sex, violence etc. are just few of the activities that teenagers are being forced to do just they could be part of a group (Phelan, Davidson and Thanh 1991). The most extreme outcome of peer pressure is the deviation from established social norms (Berten and Van Rossem 2011). The undesirable behaviors could include drug offences, street violence, theft and burglary, among other crimes. Additionally, several social problems could also result in the process such as teenage pregnancy and bullying. Peer pressure, hence, is an important public issue that needs to be defined, understood and addressed as a problem. By doing so, it is expected that several pressing public concerns can also be dealt with. For instance, it can contribute to solving the problem of juvenile delinquency. This study seeks to contribute to the body of literature on this theme and in the process enrich the extant resources that could ultimately help solve the negative effects of peer pressure. The topic of the research is how to reduce the impact of negative peer pressure on children. Research Hypothesis Peer pressure is an important social phenomenon that intrinsically links human behavior to a cause. Construction of social identities become critical paradigms that are influenced by group representation, ideologies, inter-cultural compulsions etc. and motivate people to adopt specific behavior or activities that would represent their group characteristics. Indeed, Evans & Rilling, (2000) believe that in order to feel secure and connected, individuals adapt themselves to particular situation, setting or people thus, changing their behavior to experience inclusion and consistency. Teenagers especially tend to follow peer group so that they can become part of that particular group and be accepted by the members. Children get attracted by peer groups because they are still trying to find their position in society and assert themselves as individuals. Thus, it is important that adolescents and teenagers must be carefully guided to understand the difference between what is good for them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Detailed Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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