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The Great Depression - Essay Example

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The timeline of the existence of Great Depression varies for different nations but its main effect was between 1930 and the late 1930s though in some countries it stretched up to the middle of the 1940s decade…
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The Great Depression
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"The Great Depression"

Download file to see previous pages The stock market crash in 1929 commemorated the start of the depression with the value of most shares dropping significantly awakening ruins in the finances with the value of currency decreasing in collaboration with the demand for goods (Ledbetter and Daniel 3). This created a situation of limited employment and resources in the nation. This was a period full of desperation to survive among families and individuals alike. Many lived in poor conditions stricken by famine. The effect of the depression was great among the bottom group of the employment ladder as they depended on the industrial community for a living. In the years before the depression, a big part of the agricultural portion of the economy was deep in trouble.
The course of the depression further accompanied with the Great Plains Dust Bowl of the 1930s worsened the problems and almost eliminated the sector. At the same time, the crisis response of the government at the time had limitations arising from the pressures for income at all levels of the administration. The decline in tax revenue collection furthered the problem (Ledbetter and Daniel 58). The stock market collapse forced the world trade to collapse causing the international community to adopt protective measures through imposing stiff tariffs on imported goods. This made the situation even worse as the goods were virtually impossible to purchase. The impact of this on society was devastating. By the year 1932, the industrial output of the United States was a shadow of itself having reduced by half. About 15-million people, constituting a quarter of the nation’s labor force, were not in active employment (Ledbetter and Daniel 17). The unemployed who could not afford to feed themselves, support families, and pay rent moved in with their families in apartments and houses that were crowded. Those in employment experienced deductions of up to 50 percent of their hourly wages (Ledbetter and Daniel 42). Banks failed and agricultural prices fell to the lowest point after the civil war. The unemployed had dependants and needed to pay rents and mortgages. In the end many could not cope and became homeless before moving into pitiful shantytowns called Hoovervilles developed all over the country with some sleeping under old newspapers dubbed Hoover blankets. The devastation was even greater among minority communities as it accompanied discrimination. Generally, the situation in the country at the time was depressing. Starvation traversed the nation accompanied by illness. The unemployed found it hard to feed themselves while most of them living in crowded conditions that were unhygienic (Ledbetter and Daniel 48). This deprived their immunity and made them more susceptible to infections and diseases. The situation was much worse for those living in Hoovervilles that were void of bathrooms and running water. In the years of the Great Depression, there was a large number of malnourished children due to the poor diet and lack of medical care. The Great Depression brought with it a sporadic diversity in the general sorts of behaviors of the public. The unemployed were starving and needed help which was not forthcoming from the government as it was also in a crisis at the time. At the time, the social security system was not existent. This prompted the residents of some towns to start and run their own charitable organizations to provide relief to the less fortunate. The display of generosity was through the soup kitchens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Great Depression
... The Great Depression This is a study about the great depression. More specifically, the study will examine what caused the great depression, when it was experienced, and the regions affected by the depression. In addition, the study will explore the consequences and implications of the affected nations. The study will focus on the measures applied to counter the depression. The great depression was an economic disaster that affected Europe, North America and other industrialized nations for a period of one decade; from 1929-1939. The depression was the worst depression the Western industrialized world has ever experienced in the modern times (McElvaine 46). America started feeling the depression earlier than other countries due... to the...
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The Great Depression
...Due The Great Depression The economic crisis that we face today has been compared to the Great Depression; with all of the rampant unemployment, loss of income and inability to sustain nourishment and housing are, in fact, reminiscent of those trouble times from the past. The Great Depression began, essentially, around 1927. However, people did not realize that anything economically devastating was about to happen. People had been spending a lot more in recent years and cash and credit began to dwindle. Soon employers had to begin laying off workers and a clear recession had begun. These issues contributed to the Great...
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... The Great Depression The great depression which caused a worldwide economic recession beginning from 1929 and lasting for nearly 10 years is considered to be the longest and most severe depression to have occurred in industrialized countries. Though it had its origins in the United States, it affected several countries around the world including Europe, Japan and Latin America. The causes which led to such a catastrophic depression include a decline in consumer spending, financial instability and panics such as the stock market crash and banking failures, the gold standard and foreign lending and trade. The depression drastically changed living standards worldwide as people suffered losses of wealth and regular income. However... , the...
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The Great Depression
...The Great Depression There were a number of events that led to a 10 year depression in America, but the most significant one was the Stock Market Crash of 1929. After World War 1, America became a wealthy nation, people moved from rural areas to the cities in search of a successful life. America’s industrial sector was growing rapidly and there was plenty of employment. People speculatively invested in the stock market without regards to future occurrence or permanency they believed that it would continue to rise in the years to come. After sometime, investors began to sell stocks frequently at a rapid rate. Many industry owners wanted to buy stocks since it was a very lucrative venture....
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The Great Depression
...Client’s Information (English 1A) The Great Depression The Great Depression is the most prolonged economic crisis in the history of the industrialized countries, which began after the collapse of the stock price on the New York Stock Exchange, 18-29 October 1929. This economic crisis lasted until 1939, so the 1930s are generally considered as period of the Great Depression.The United States, Canada, UK, Germany and France were most severely affected by the Great Depression. The worst effect was perceived in industrial cities, in several countries has virtually stopped construction. “This depression was...
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The Great Depression
... based on racism, and removing politicians that were involved in illegal business practices. At the local level, progressivism continued to display brilliant signs of reform as the construction of schools was pushed, political machines were dissolved, and politics was addressed in an efficient manner.  Roosevelt’s New Deal was considered of two phases that were planned to recovery and relief. The first phase concentrated on to heal society from Great Depression through different channel. Acts such as the Agricultural Adjust Administration clearly boosted agriculture reform and built civil infrastructure. Bank reform occurred in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which installed a limit and tightened finance regulations... The dawn...
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The great depression
...Task: The great depression Some critics regard it as an American strategy to control the world; however, the great depression(1929-1939) was the longest and deepest economic downturn in the western world. The roaring industrialization of the twenties marked a turning point for many Americans welcomed by the Jazz age. Women became full of life and started drinking, wearing short skirts and worse of all, smoking same to men (Freedman 61). Many average American bought automobiles accosted by household appliances on credit. In as much as many businesses grew by 65% from manufacturing to mechanization, workers wage only rose by 8%. At the same time, inequality grew by 0.1...
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...The Great Depression The Great Depression occurred from 1929-1939 after the New Stock Exchange Market Crash. It is the most severe economic downturn ever to hit America. The major causes of the Great Depression included an over-speculation on the stock market, a decline in foreign trade, poor policies that did not enforce any regulations of the economy and over production (McElvaine p.15). During the 1920s, America was going through a period of economic success that saw the emergence of new technologies such as home appliances, machinery used in agriculture, and growth of the credit industries. Due to this boom, farmers and companies...
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