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Personal Statement for Public Policy
The area of public life that I have high interest of contributing in is the field of international business and regional development. …
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Personal Statement for Public Policy
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Personal ment for Public Policy The area of public life that I have high interest of contributing in is the fieldof international business and regional development. This is informed by my previous personal experiences in the field of China-Latin America business relations and the challenges of cross-cultural trade. My focus lies on the possibility of easing the demands of doing business that would be able to overcome the barriers of language and competition from developed and established economies. Form my previous research; I have realized that the developing countries of Latin America face difficulties in fostering cross continental trade partnerships with fellow developing or developed countries. From my research of the relations between china and the Latin America, I realized that even though there are many fields of trade and commodities that are produced in surplus on one side and are on demand on the other side, the challenge lies in establishing proper mechanisms to facilitate the exchange. The developing countries of the Latin America grapple with the challenges of marketing, product preparation, packaging, and capital to export their produce (Devlin 62). The governments have not established proper mechanisms of utilizing the huge market provide by the Chinese. Chinese entrepreneurs have hesitated from venturing into such unknown territories because of the fear of the unknown and the problem of communication. This has denied the young men and women in the developing countries the benefits that such international trade relations would bring. What I would like to be done is to create business training, easing access to finance, and creating business incubation centers in the developing countries of the Latin America. There should also be a consultative forum to create a platform for overcoming the language barrier. Training young interpreters can overcome this challenge. This will not only help to eliminate the language barrier, but also provide a source of livelihood to the youth who will be acting as interpreters. My belief is that the focus of fostering international trade relations should be through creating a global exchange platform. The exchange platform should consider factors such as reducing the difficulties of accessibility to the latest technology, ready international marketing, and efficient cultural understanding. Apart from the above, the developing countries should be helped to fast track the uptake of efficient business practices that would improve the competitive advantage of the goods they produce in the global market. This can be done by creating global demand supply platform. While the growth of information technology has made this possible in some areas, the developing world still lags behind in their capability to compete in this globalized trade. I believe that the focus of international trade relations should not be based purely on the ability to compete but to also establishing an ease of doing business that would provide a level playing ground. My work would entail establishing link up forums where technology interchange can take place. This can be done by creating a pool of traders in the developing world, helping them access funds, connect them to markets such that demand their goods and help them understand the export requirements. Another avenue that can be exploited is the field of information technology. I envision creating a social forum between this two business regions, establishing social networking platforms, and managing the information to ensure that the right content is passed. The information about the demands, the quality requirements, exporting procedure and access to finance can be relayed directly to the producers in the developing world (Devlin 23). Apart from translating this information in the medium of exchange, the specificity is also improved. Training can also be done through such forums. I would also initiate proper mechanisms of product valuation and costing based on the market rates to prevent any exploitation. It is a general phenomenon that the balance of trade between developing and developed nations is usually strongly skewed towards the developed nations. I plan to push for strong negotiations to ensure the developed countries help in the establishment of a balance. This can be done by diversifying the nature of commodities and services to be exchanged. The diversification is only achievable by training industry players on the need to focus on improving quality and quantity of the products of the small and medium scale players in the industry. It is my belief that this masters training would not only expand my capabilities to understand the mechanisms of establishing mechanisms in the above mentioned region, but also enable me interact with top business students interested in such a project. The training on international business relations, global business policies and personal relations, among others would enhance my capabilities, which would enable me partner and work with likeminded individuals to create the system. I believe in fairness of trade, elimination of trade barriers and establishing a fair playing field to less fortunate individuals to access the huge pool of international markets. In light of the expanding multinational companies into the developing world, and the subsequent death of small businesses, I believe that this is a project that cannot wait any longer. With proper policy formulation, training, technological uptake and cultural understanding, Latin America is a region that has a great potential of controlling various sectors of international trade. The network of scholars and researchers that this training will link me up with will also be marshaled to advance the aspirations I have of improving the international trade in developing nations of Latin America. This would translate in the improvement of the quality of life of several small and medium scale businesspersons. I also intend to create a club of my fellow masters students from the two regions, those with roots from Asia, and those coming from the Latin American countries. From consultative forums, I intend to mobilize them to influence policy formulation in their regions to help improve the status of the small and medium scale businesses persons in these regions. Through these forums, we would also structure policies and present them to the leaders of our respective leaders for consideration in the enactment of law. Works cited Devlin, R. (2006). The emergence of China: opportunities and challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean. Washington D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank Read More
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