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Gun Display in Public should be prohibited By The Article “Gun advocacy best articulated in word, not demonstrated in armed displays” is an editorial piece appeared on the The author discusses about the issue of the gun control, their open display and how this may actually have an impact on those who fear the display of guns in open public…
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Summarize, analyze, and respond to the following article
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"Summarize, analyze, and respond to the following article"

Author discusses the role of the groups and their effectiveness in educating the general public about the pros and cons of displaying arms in public. Author however, suggests that the overall efforts of the advocacy groups may not be sufficient to educate the public and there must be a balancing act between carrying arms for safety and displaying in them in public to potentially intimidate and threat general public. Author maintains the position that public display of arms shall be controlled and public shall be educated to learn how to balance both of the things. Analyzing the editorial closely, however, it may seem that the author has effectively failed to present pressing arguments for restricting the public display of arms. The overall position of the author however, is not explicit as the author only suggested how display of arms in public may hurt public opinion. What is also critical to note that author seems to clearly recognize the fact that carrying of guns is legally allowed and also discussed about the 2nd amendment under which the carrying of arms is allowed. Author also suggested a link between guns and the reduction in the arms control however, there are relatively no statistics suggesting how this can actually affect the rights of others. Though the author seems to suggest that public display of arms may not be good however, there is a general lack of statistics and other data. Though author mentioned some events like shooting at Navy Yard and other events however, the overall argument is relatively less convincing and may not be sufficient enough to prove the point. The arguments in favor of not displaying the arms in public are relatively weak and not presented with much emphasis to discourage the trends. Some of the arguments of the author are really critical and important and share some of the common beliefs I have about the gun control. I strongly believe that gun control laws shall be enforced in a manner which, on one hand, help control the crime but on the other also ensure the responsible use and display. I strongly share the view of the author that there must be some sort of mechanism or restriction which can discourage the public display of arms. Though, displaying and carrying the arms may not be illegal however, it may impinge upon the rights of those who strongly disagree with the public display of arms. Carrying and displaying the arms in public, on one hand, may have a detrimental effect on children, while on the other hand may encourage youngsters to use them. The consistent incidents of shootings in schools clearly demonstrate how the young minds of the country actually can be affected by the open display of the arms. Author however, failed to raise this argument about how this can actually have an impact on the young minds of the country. Overall, I somewhat agree with the arguments raised in the editorial and support the point of view of the Read More
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