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African American Mike Tyson: the unforgotten boxer - Research Paper Example

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We have here one of the most unforgotten African-American,Mike Tyson,who became popular in the sports arena.He awed his audience in many ways,loved his style of fighting or hated him for this.Being an African-American,what was his contribution to this race? …
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African American Mike Tyson: the unforgotten boxer
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"African American Mike Tyson: the unforgotten boxer"

Download file to see previous pages To be able to report his life correctly, facts of his life were gathered from his own life’s bio.( Mike Tyson’s life Mike Tyson is an African-American boxer who hit the headlines several times because of his notoriety and fame. He had been fined and imprisoned for many infamous activities that tarnished his reputations as a professional boxer and his personal life. Tyson married thrice, two of which, ended up with a divorce, and a father to seven children, whose mothers were not revealed in his life’s bio. Who would ever think that this man, a heavyweight champion at age 20, was once upon a time a small and shy child who was a target of bullying? He was born in Brooklyn, New York, but because of financial hardship due to the break-up of his parents, they moved to Brownsville, New York, a neighborhood noted for high crime. Perhaps due to this environment, he was pushed to protect himself from bullying by learning the style of street fighting Later on, at age 11, he joined gangs that pressed him to do criminal acts. Together with his gang, he was ordered to wipe out cash registers while older member held others on gunpoint. When he turned 13 years old, he had 30 arrests for petty crimes. For these awful activities, he was sent to a Reform School for boys in New York. This is where he met Bob Stewart, a former amateur boxing champion, who was influential in directing his life, as they engaged into an agreement that Bob will teach Mike to use his fists as long as he stay out of trouble and be good in school. True to his promise, Mike, a classified learning disabled, was able to achieve learning abilities of grade seventh level in just a matter of months. He really wanted to learn how to fight, so much so, that he would exercise his punches after curfew and in the dark of night. When the time came that Bob thought he had taught enough to Mike, he turned him over to the care of a legendary boxing manager named Constantine Amato. Amato owned a gym and had managed boxing careers of several named boxers, one of them was Floyd Paterson. Seeing Mike’s potentials of being a good boxer, Amato agreed to take custody of Tyson’s career. This is the beginning of Mike’s boxing career and a father-son relationship of the two. He continued his schooling at daytime and had a meticulous training in the evening. However, he was expelled from school because of unpredictable conduct which was often violent. He then continued his studies through the help of a tutor. Seeing that Mike was ready to start his boxing career, Amato matched him with a heavyweight that resulted in breaking the record of Floyd Patterson as the youngest champion at heavyweight champion level. Mike debuted his professional boxing career with a match with Hector Mercedes on March 1985 whom he knocked him out on the first round. Mike has been noted for quick fists, that intimidated his opponents during the fights. For this, he earned the title of “Iron Man” His boxing career was phenomenal, because at age 20 he had a record of 22-0 knockout fights, and by age 20 and four months, he was given the title world’s youngest heavyweight champion by the WBA, after he won the title fight. His successes continued as he was named as the first boxer to win three major boxing belts. Because of his triumphs he easily began to be a celerity that caught public attention, and his lifestyle slowly changed as he started partying and mingling with Hollywood stars. There he met and married TV actress Robin Givens on February 7, 1988. This marriage ended up with a separation and divorce only a few months after they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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