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The author of this essay "African American history and culture" casts light on the African American's history and culture. Reportedly, African American history and culture are known to be the culture of Americans who came from Africa…
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African American history and culture
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African American history and culture are known to be the culture of Americans who came from Africa. Tracing the African American culture can be a great challenge since there is no specific geographical location or a group of people in Africa that were shipped from different parts of the continent to the New World. Furthermore, the African American came as a result of the enslaved Africans in America who desired new life in addition to a new society within America. Nevertheless, African American history is all about the ethnic group of Black Americans in the United States. It is believed that the African American history came into existence when the first Africans arrived in America. A great number of people who formed an African-American society were African slaves, from 1619 to 1865 who came from African natives.
There is a possibility that one would ask how the African American history and culture grew. The growth of the African American history and culture was independent from the standard American culture given African Americans' craving to hone their particular traditions, and additionally the racial isolation determination in America. Afterward, the African American culture turned into a critical piece of American society, though it remains an unique culture separated from it in the meantime. There are several things that can be used to clearly explain the history and culture of African American. Some of these things include: traditions, music, dance, art, literature, museums, language, attire, hairstyle, religion, life events and many more.
A critical question that other people could ask is the existence of religion of Africa American society. A great number of African American people are Protestant Christian. In addition, the African American society was Muslim. About 14 % of the African American were of this religion, Muslim. Apart from Christianity and Muslim, the other religions include Judaism and Buddhism among many other religions. Knowing that the religion of the African American would be of great importance when it comes to illustrating the life that the African American people as slaves (Barnes 3)
There are also life events that can be used to examine the history and culture of African American society. They observed their life events in accordance to their culture. This is one of the groups that had its unique traditions that make it easier for people to identify them with. Also, they came with rite of passages that are associated with African traditions. There was a class for preteens and teenagers, which was designed specifically for preparing them for adulthood. Some of the developed rites of passage are still important this day since they are meant for shaping the character of the individual, hence making the African American culture be of great value.
Despite the fact that there are many questions that one would ask about the African American history and culture, there are several positive things that have come as a result of it. Moreover, the life of African American people has been transformed. This is inclusive of naming the people.
Work Cited
Sandra L. Barnes. "A Sociological Examination of W. E. B. Du Bois' The Souls of Black Folk." The North Star: A Journal of African American Religious History, Volume 6, Number 2 (Spring 2003): 3. Print. Read More
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