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Course ID Date Question No. 2 Jefferson and Hamilton’s differences Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian approaches provide a broad spectrum foundation for current government system in United States. Where these two approaches have been used by conservatives and federalists in present government system, they both have some lacking which makes them inadequate to devise an ideal government individually…
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Download file to see previous pages This notion is supported by the explanation that elites have more resources and better skills set for formation and execution of government. This view is further disregarded by Jefferson through another counter argument that every form of government is corruptible and giving such power to limited individuals makes rest of the public vulnerable. Hamilton, on the other hand, believes that for a stronger control over system, executives in the government need to be strong and have complete sovereignty (Geer et al. 13). Another fundamental difference between Jefferson and Hamiltonian approaches is presence of state government. Jefferson believes that division of power between state and national governments would allow citizens to have more control in government’s decisions whereas Hamilton recognizes the concept of strong national government. Other than supporting citizens’ extensive rights, Jefferson believes that expanding gateways of influence would allow better liberty to people and will keep government accountable for its actions. This view is also contested by Hamiltonian approach as it believes that restriction in gateways would allow access of only educated, skilled and experienced elites to the government matters. Jeffersonian view believes that state should be more involved in internal matters instead of global issues. Hamiltonian approach, on the contrary, believes that strong strategic positioning in global affairs through established industrial and military power would benefit United States (Cunningham 106). Analyzing these differences helps in understanding that Hamiltonian approach provides a more holistic system of government. It is understandable that all the individuals i.e. elites and common men, cannot have same profile and skills for participating in government. Therefore, allowing educated individuals to have access to government offices ensures that only the most suitable and capable talent runs this institution. Of course, selecting elites representing different social segments would benefit American citizens more. There are rather limited benefits accrued to American nation due to irreconcilable differences among these two approaches. Now, United States has a system which allows elites to represent interests of communities and states. Both of these regimes have strong disagreements regarding structure and role of government. Perhaps, finding a middle way i.e. system run by elites for the welfare of commons, would be more suitable. Question No. 6 Division of Power in American Constitution Division in power represents division of authority among different branches of government along with national and state governments. The federal government divides into legislature which is Congress, executives which include president and other bureaucracy, and judiciary which is Supreme Court and federal courts (Geer et al. 11). Another name for this vertical division of power is separation of powers. This division of power among different branches of government ensures that no branch becomes too independent and strong in its authority and operations that it harms the interests of common citizens. This system of branches having authority over each other is called checks and balance. Another form of division of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 3.
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