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Unit 2 jounal - Essay Example

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Unit 2 jounal
The writer opines that slavery took place in a very tactical and system manner, making it very difficult for it to be detected easily even by the Blacks who were to become victims later…
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Unit 2 jounal
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In this chapter, the writer will pay homage to roots of slavery in America, where the hidden origins of slavery are discussed. The writer opines that slavery took place in a very tactical and system manner, making it very difficult for it to be detected easily even by the Blacks who were to become victims later.

At this point, the Blacks had come to realize the depth of deception that had been placed on them through slavery. This is because unlike what they were made to believe in earlier times, such as what we are presented in chapter 3, they realized a serious lack of identity and personality. What was worse, their land was also taken and so they would have to reclaim them back. The writer was very accurate in describing the attempts that the Blacks made in reclaiming their land and other possessions that they felt the act of slavery had taken from unjustifiably been taken away from them. There was also much explanation on the justification for this call that the Blacks were making for their land.
Chapter 13
As the Black community had started making efforts to reclaiming what belonged to them, the writer used the 13th chapter to reflect on the level of success that had been achieved by far. There is therefore the caption, “To the land of hope”, to depict that the Blacks were still convinced that their dream was appropriate. The Blacks continued to view the North as a land of hope, where they had to be to make the consolidation of their personality and identity complete.
Later in the chapter, tribute is paid to some of the specific successes of the Black in various places in America, including what was described as “Black Pride in Harlem”. ...
n” and in other parts of the world like England and Australia; such descriptions do not exist even though there are English and Australians with Black origins. After reading pages 350 to 359, an understanding of how the term ‘African American’ is better understood. This is because as at this time in history, the African community had come to realize that they were part of a common people known as the Americans. Meanwhile, the indigenous American would refuse to appreciate this and so will draw a line of distinction. It is not surprising the writer described the situation as “Bomb the Color Line”. Pages 396 – 402 It has often been argued that true fighters are able to tell when it is that they must stop fighting based on the fact that continuing to fight will bring about defeat. In such situations, part of the options includes the deferral of the battle. This was exactly what the writer tells us was done after the rising wind of social justice had somehow been tamed by the authorities involved. To say the dream had been deferred may sound a defeatist approach but in reality, that was not what the true case was. The minority group within the American fraternity was only seeking the best means by which if they exploded, their explosion would create the best of effects. 2. Kaleidoscope 107-118 In these pages, Equiano gives a biographic description of his journey through America and England and how his experience as a Black voyager gave him a vivid idea of how slavery was intense in those lands where he was travelling. A very positive aspect of this piece of writing is that it serves as an advocacy as to how modern issues of slavery should be approached. This is because instead on accepting the status of slavery, Equaino fought for his personal freedom without ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Unit 2 Jounal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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