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Gender section 3 - Essay Example

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1. Part 8 started with the story of a woman calling out for justice to take place, and demanding the arrest of the man who raped her. When I read the letter that is written by the woman, at first I was shocked seeing that the woman was explaining what happened to her when she was raped, as well as mentioning the name of the man who raped her…
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Gender section 3
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"Gender section 3"

Download file to see previous pages The author pointed in her writing that human security should deal with both gender and militarization. I did not believe the militarization could affect the role of gender in the society or create discrimination. However, after reading the first two sections of the book, I started to realize that military power plays a significant role when it comes to gender and most of the human security issues and concerns are because of military power. 3. Human security is an approach that focuses on the security and the safety of the people and the communities instead of states. It also allows us to identify various kind of violence, including cultural and structural violence; and how these are related to gender especially women (197). 4. Colonization can affect citizen identity and change the way a specific society was created. Indeed, most people, who suffer colonization or a series of civil war, even though they gain independent they still suffer from insecurity and the fear of being colonized again. In fact, most people experience trauma and the unfoldings of the past conflicts bring them sad memories, which might lead to depression. 5. Most countries exist in a militarized sphere, where people live with polices and law that are created by a fraction of people, who mostly have higher privilege and power than normal citizens. In addition, most of the laws that are enacted by the few people in society are forced on normal citizens, and they have to accept and adhere to them without questioning the authority. Indeed, in some societies, the people, who are confident enough to question the authority and power, are viewed as terrorist and a source of corruption. 6. When caregiving institutions are militarized, most of the people who work there are women. However, these do not receive any significant form of support. 7. Culture governance, patriarchy, and militarization define gender violence. These are among the major aspects that can be considered as root of gender violence. 8. Militarization and militarized mentalities is not always a direct violence. This is because it can start with structural violence. 9. Women in the Pacific point out that the major causes of conflict in the region are linked to gender inequality and inequality. The most form of inequality in this case is the unequal distribution of resources between men and women in society. For instance, in wealth distribution, men get to benefit the most, as compared to their female counterparts. It is a pity to see women suffering from this kind of discrimination. In fact, it makes me think about the nature of marriage in such countries, considering that men are the main cause of oppression to women. Then it is surprising how marriage can survive in such scenarios, as the institution of marriage involves the relationship between husband and wife, and father and daughters. Nonetheless, it is more saddening that the men in such countries do not participate in the promotion of the rights of women. 10. The resolution 1325 by the UN that called for the involvement of more women in the community structure did not affect the Pacific women at a significant measure. In my opinion, I believe that creating laws and announcing them to the public and asking other governments to adhere to them in their functions does not always work. Instead of creating all these laws and policies, the United Nation and other organization should work on understanding the history and the roots of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gender Section 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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