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Wo'men and society - Assignment Example

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In Women and the Military, War and Peace, the opinion that women play a significant and more balanced role as men in the security question could be embraced. The argument that men play the central role in war and peace can be varied on numerous grounds. In places affected by…
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Wo'men and society
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WGS 10 In Women and the Military, War and Peace, the opinion that women play a significant and more balanced role as menin the security question could be embraced. The argument that men play the central role in war and peace can be varied on numerous grounds. In places affected by conflict or war, women endure the most suffering. For this reason, the participation of women in discussing violence and conflict resolution should be mandatory. The impact of war on women places them in a position that depicts the context of modern warfare (Kirk & Okazawa-Rey 465-480).
In Sneak Attack, it is evident that the militarization in the United States is highly attractive. Regardless of this nature, the entire process is not as beneficial since its main goals and objectives are based on enhancing its ability to be controlling. As cited by Kirk & Okazawa-Rey a process cannot be viewed as beneficial if the results it displays are controlling (481-482). The same process of militarization determines the direction of the rights of women. Considering the controlling nature of the process, the rights of women as exposed to greater risks.
As cited in Gender and Human Security, there are occasional and significant changes on global security. For this reason, the need to improve the response to violation of human rights should be ensured. Specifically, the response mechanism should mostly focused on women who suffer the most from war and conflict (Kirk & Okazawa-Rey 500-501). The increasing cases of gender based violence require development of more effective mechanism that would minimize the severity of the problem.
Work Cited
Kirk, Gwyn & Okazawa-Rey, Margo. Womens Lives: Multicultural Perspectives. (6th edition). NY: McGraw-Hill Education, 2012. Print. Read More
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