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Rosa Parks - Research Paper Example

American society continued to maintain the racial divide which restricted blacks’ participation in social and economic activities that would help them to improve their social and economic status. Rosa Parks’ stance in the bus in 1955 served to unite the blacks and fight against the injustices of racial discrimination. Segregation policy of the Whites was important factor and intrinsic part of racial discriminatory practices that were maintained through deliberate use of muscle power, financial advantage and power lobby (Wright, 1937). The ‘Jim Crow rules’ were evolved to intimidate blacks through violent acts, including lynching of blacks if they transgressed the unspoken rules of whites supremacy and tried to become their equal. The fight for equality has continued in the twentieth. The role of Rosa Parks in the civil movements was incidental but nevertheless, very critical that motivated Martin Luther King to call for boycott of buses by the black till the rule was changed. The mobilization of black for the boycott was hugely successful and forced the company to change the segregation rules and promote equality. When Rosa Parks was arrested and sent to jail in 1995 for not giving her front bus seat to the White, it greatly impacted the blacks. The incident spurred collective actions and brought together the whole black population to force the authority to redefine public rules. Rosa Parks had unintentionally influenced the public perception because as a tired woman she had not violated

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Rosa Parks
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any law except those that deliberately promoted discrimination. When she was sent to jail, it violated the sensitivity of the blacks who came together to fight against the injustices of the white. The collective power of the black was reflected in the retraction of the segregation rules. It was symbolic in its actions and greatly motivated blacks to come together and fight for equal rights with higher commitment (Schwartz, 2009). Rosa Parks had changed the course of the history. Rosa Parks had accidentally become a heroine and a leader with great potential which she used to motivate others and helped strengthen historical movement of civil rights, led by Martin Luther King. Rosa Parks strongly advocated for the equal rights and worked towards motivating others for the rights of blacks and ethnic minorities (Giovanni & Collier, 2005). The Civil Rights Movement raised fundamental issue of equality and justice that ultimately forced the government to introduce key changes in the American constitution. It led to The Civil Rights Act of 1964. The constitutional amendment and introduction of the Act helped to provide the blacks and the minority with equal rights and equal opportunities that helped them to improve their socio-economic status. It was a landmark constitutional act that prevented discriminatory practices in workplace. The act was followed by Voting Rights Act of 1965 that augmented fresh age of hope, opportunities and empowerment of the blacks in America (Davidson & Grofman, 1994). Scholars emphasize that what blacks have achieved at the turn of the twenty first century was remarkable in its concept and essential for human dignity and showed how they can influence legislative outcomes (Harris, Sinclair & McKinzie, 2005). But most importantly, it gave credence to the democratic values of American constitu


Rosa Parks was a highly courageous Afro-American woman who had challenged the racial practices of the Whites and impacted history of America. I strongly believe that the Montgomery bus event of 1955, where she refused to vacate her seat for White, was a major catalyst for civil rights movement that radically changed the American way of life (Brinkley, 2000)…
Rosa Parks
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