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Name History and Political Science 18 July 2013 Answers to Short Questions Why can the Tempest by Shakespeare be looked upon as an allegory of the European arrival in America? Who do some of the Shakespearian characters represent? The tempest by William Shakespeare was among his last solo-authored play…
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Answer short questions
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"Answer short questions"

Download file to see previous pages The whole play is about mastery and rule. It is a play that represents colonization by the English colonizers and their expansion into America. The Tempest can serve as an allegory, as we know that an allegory is an indirect representation of something .The story criticizes the European for the bad treatment to the native people. Native Americans represent a significant contrast to all of the other groups, for theirs was not an immigrant experience; they were the original Americans before the voyage of Columbus. When English colonizers arrived, they stereotyped them as savages and seized their lands by warfare (Takaki n.p.). Some of the Shakespearian characters in the Tempest have been used to make representation. For example, Sebastian and Antonio wanted to overthrow King Alonso and make the drunken butler Stephano the king of island. These characters represent the English colonizers, who came and possessed the native America’s land through warfare (Takaki n.p.). Caliban, one of the principal characters, was a new world inhabitant by the name Carib, which was the name of an Indian tribe, who came to mean savage for America. What are some of the parallels between the English expansion into Ireland and the English expansion into America? The English colonizer had different impacts in Ireland and America. ...
After four years, the English had reduced the Irish people to wretchedness and they took possession of the Irish land (Takaki n.p.). While in America, the English colonizers had a lot of impact. The native people in America were the Indian people. The English colonizers saw the Indians reminding them of the Irish people. Unlike the Irish people, the Indians did not waste time in taking advantage by beginning with the educational process that would transform their lives (Takaki n.p.). Why did the European colonists believe that American Indians were lower on the scale of development then they were? The English colonizers did not find any difference between the Indians and the Irish people; they saw them as being lower on the scale of development. This was because they saw the Indians as being uncivilized and with no educational skills, so they could not be able to work on any development. They were also seen as being lazy and unwilling to work for their own needs. According to Takaki, the European colonists described them as beasts that were only ready to reap from what the English had (n.p.). Why did the British wish to take over Indian land? What opened the way for them to do so? In America, the English colonizers first settled in Virginia, where the Powhatans, an agricultural people, occupied and cultivated corn. Initially, when the English came to Virginia, the encounter between these Indians and the English was a peaceful one, and of friendship. After they had established a camp, it was reported that there came starvation and most of the English colonizers died leaving only a few. That is when the English started attacking the Indians trying to extort their food. The English colonizers were soon ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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