Democracies and Progress - Essay Example

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This essay discusses different types of democracies and what can be done to improve the image of the US when it comes to intervening in affairs of other countries. It also explains where the US fits in and why people in different places interpret the US intent to deliver democracy so differently…
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Democracies and Progress
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"Democracies and Progress"

The essay "Democracies and Progress" discusses different types of democracies and what can be done to improve the image of the US when it comes to intervening in affairs of other countries. It also explains where the US fits in and why people in different places interpret the US intent to deliver democracy so differently. There are three types of democracy in the world today. These are the moderate, liberal, and extremist forms of democracy. In a liberal democracy, the state in question has very little influence or control over the lives of its citizens. Liberal democracies do not visit stringent rules on their citizens or force them to follow given directions where the subject of politics is concerned. The United States would fall under this category. In the moderate type of democracy, the ruling government has a moderate in directing the daily lives of its citizens. This means that while the state does not fully control its citizens’ lives, it also does not have a peripheral role where their lives are concerned. In extremist democracies, the reigning government has a central role in the lives of its citizens. The citizens do not have the political freedom to choose the parties of their choice. Their lives are completely governed by what the state determines. The state also controls aspects such as the media and the internet. This means that the citizens cannot begin protests or even plan them so as to find a way of having more freedom. And democracy is viewed the world over as having been started by Americans. This means that nearly every nation that seeks to embrace democratic principles or has sought to do so in the past has relied on the American experience so as to know how to implement democracy within its boundaries. Democratic advocates in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and Hungary copied the American experience when they wished to implement democratic ideals. Most nations in Latin America, during the nineteenth-century copied the example of the U.S. government. A few decades ago, with the fall of communism, Eastern European nations turned to America for inspiration. This appears to have imbued the American government with the authority to persist in exporting its democratic ideals to other nations. Moreover, there have been times when America encouraged democracy in other nations with ulterior motives. When this happens, the likely outcome is that the nations which are having democratic ideals forced on them will become pseudo democracies. As more and more citizens from different nations around the world have grown to be aware of this, the any attempts at foreign influence from America have increasingly been met with suspicion and outright rejection (Witten, 2009). In worst cases, American suggestions can even cause political instability. Nations that benefit from substantial annual contributions from the American government, such as many of those in Africa, will likely want to embrace American style democracy. However, there are other nations, such as those in the Middle East, whose citizens are years away from even minor forms of freedom like those found in most African nations. In some Middle Eastern nations, women are second class citizens, and are equated with children, for instance. The rulers of such nations have built their power on the helplessness of their fellow citizens, and so will understandably be reluctant to embrace any type of democracy. In such cases, the lofty goals of democracy can be attained through a lengthy struggle conducted by the citizens who are denied their freedom. This is probably a painful truth, but is correct, all the same. 3. If anything, what can be done, in your view, to improve the image and respect of the U.S. when it comes to intervening in the affairs of other countries? American style Read More
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(Democracies and Progress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Democracies and Progress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Democracies and Progress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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The civil rights and their liberties were protected and were safeguarded in the Constitution of the United States in 1788 while it was presented for the elected government. Democracy has become a complete guideline and the way of living; having its root deep down in social, economic and political equality on the American frontline.
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