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Intangible Heritage. Why is the idea of 'intangible heritage' so important - Essay Example

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There are certain events and practices that we regard as significant and hence tend to sustain so it can be shared with future generations. These milestones hold emotional or cultural value for us, shape our underlying beliefs and provide a sense of belonging to a certain cult…
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Intangible Heritage. Why is the idea of intangible heritage so important
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"Intangible Heritage. Why is the idea of 'intangible heritage' so important"

Download file to see previous pages Initially, cultural heritage only comprised materialistic artefacts, tangible heritage sites and relic objects that hold religious or cultural significance for certain localities. However, subsequently the definition broadened to include intangible events, rituals and practices that reflected ancient traditions and revived the spirits of sacred beliefs.1 This can include anthems, heroic stories, oral arts, rituals, celebrations and skillful tactics that all relate back to historical traditions inherited from ancestral generations. Various authors have conducted comprehensive studies about national heritage practices and historical artefacts. Most of them have varying opinions regarding the preservation of ancient rituals and some claim that it requires significant level of professionalism and expertise to safeguard or revive the fading cultural heritage as any alteration to originality and spirit of it might enrage societies that pay high regard to such customs.2 Intangible heritage plays a significant part in preserving cultural fortitude in today’s modern world of technology. This phenomenon assists the newer generations to develop an understanding of intercultural differences, familial histories and need for paying homage to all types of ethnicities. Such heritage is also valuable as it enables a society to roll over acquired technical expertise and learnt knowledge to upcoming generations.3 Thus, it is evident that each cultural heritage event has its own significance and needs to be preserved for subsequent generations. This paper focuses on following intangible heritage objects and discusses their respective cultural significance. Music / Performing Arts a) The arts of the Meddah, public storytellers, Turkey This ritual originated from Turkish theatrical event namely Meddahlik, called after meddah who was the storyteller performing this act. It was initially conducted in Turkish language and later was supported in many other languages as it gained popularity in other regions of Asia, including the Middle East and Caucasus. The theme and content of this act was wholly arranged by the meddah who handpicked various legendary songs and historical fables, varying according to the nature and size of audience and context of the event. He would carry out various short entertaining acts, funny parodies and satirical comedy stunts, all influenced by recent political events and tailored according to interests of spectators. This heritage was highly educational and provided a platform for different performers to demonstrate their talents. Turkish people always held high regards for this artistic masterpiece of work as they find it very amusing and creative. The event itself was one of the most anticipated events by the Turkish ancestors as there was no other form of entertainment back then. It was a significant event as it enabled people to meet and socialize with other citizens in nearby localities. Moreover, the rhetorical comedy related to latest series of events happening around the nation was helpful in developing a sense of skepticism towards credibility of political leaders and national government bodies. Overall, the event was a true source of education, entertainment and face-to-face social networking for thousands of people under a single roof. However, in recent years, the pure form of meddah storyteller ritual has faded away and been replaced largely by mass media including television broadcasting, standup comedy shows and movie cinemas. b) The polyphonic singing of the Aka Pygmies, Central Africa The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Intangible Heritage. Why Is the Idea of 'intangible heritage' So Essay)
Intangible Heritage. Why Is the Idea of 'intangible heritage' So Essay.
“Intangible Heritage. Why Is the Idea of 'intangible heritage' So Essay”, n.d.
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