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Intangible assets, sports players (subject: investigative studies. ) - Essay Example

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These assets are also acknowledged as non-current assets or long-term assets by different business organisations as they derive numerous benefits over long…
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Intangible assets, sports players (subject: investigative studies. )
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Extract of sample "Intangible assets, sports players (subject: investigative studies. )"

Download file to see previous pages the assets can be employed in multiple uses) owing the virtues of powerful network effects. It is also recognised to be future oriented (i.e. concentrates towards generating future value and possess remarkable increasing returns). Conversely, there also lay certain crucial problems dealing with the application of intangible assets. In this regard, it is to be stated that the intangible assets are quite difficult to manage and to control because of their limited capability to defend the property rights belonging to any business organisation. Furthermore, the investments relating to intangible assets are principally considered as quite risky owing to the fact that the intangible assets play a dominant role in influencing efficiencies in the early phases of the innovation procedure. In addition, at times it becomes quite problematic to trade intangible assets as they possess low or minimum marginal costs, along with huge sunk costs and weaker legal protection (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, 2009).
After acquiring a brief idea about the nature of intangible assets, it can be affirmed that there lay various reasons in order to perform the valuation of an intangible asset. The most prominent reasons in this regard include determining price allocation for effective preparation of financial accounting as well as reporting, recognising the fair value of the assets and making proper allocation of the valuable resources in any joint venture or partnership formation. Moreover, the other reasons for conducting valuation of intangible assets include promoting fairness in business transactions, making adequate consideration towards the business values, delivering valuable opinions relating to fair market valuation and equitable distribution of valuable resources (Reilly & et. al., 2009).
Emphasising on these aspects, in this discussion, a detailed analysis of the valuation of intangible assets within the background of a football team, i.e. Aberdeen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Intangible Assets, Sports Players (subject: Investigative Studies. ) Essay)
Intangible Assets, Sports Players (subject: Investigative Studies. ) Essay.
“Intangible Assets, Sports Players (subject: Investigative Studies. ) Essay”, n.d.
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