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The Effects of War - Essay Example

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The paper explores The Effects of War. According to many scholars if a nation remains out of war for quite some time then its enemies might begin to think that it grew weaker while forgetting the art and science of seeing in the eyes of the war. The nations have to craft bold statements every now…
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The Effects of War
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"The Effects of War"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The Effects of War" focuses on the War's effects. The step of intervening in Russian war after some time was both heroic and historical. Nevertheless people did not like the idea of war because they were used to undying peace and were never willing to let it go. But the growing military strength of Russia forced the government to indulge into the war. The major purpose of writing this paper is to highlight the importance of Wilson’s decision to plunge the entire nation into the war. This document however supports the idea of war because it was necessary to prove to the world that America had not forgotten the idea of the military confrontation and to tell the international community that they are indeed getting stronger. Woodrow Wilson is believed to be the greatest peacemaker America has ever seen and his last political campaign’s punch line stated that he kept the nation away from war. Yet he had to take the nation into the war after all because other nations started to consider America as a toothless country and therefore the armed invasion of the motherland was imminent to say the least. The war brought many notable changes in the socioeconomic outlook of the society as it gave a common purpose to the people whereas it also strengthened the social life of the people of America. The general public commenced to read newspapers and held long discussions on the future ramifications of the war. The war nonetheless never broke to a fuller extent and Russians soon realized that they had to do much well. than what they were doing in the war zone in order to invade America. The realization of the reality compelled the Russians to become reasonable and therefore the talks and negotiations initialized. And soon after that both of the countries managed to live peacefully until now. The war creates fear in people (Figueiredo and Limongi pp.156) and due to this reason civil society of the country joined hands with the military in terms of saving their homeland thus strengthening the concept of unity in people. Interestingly the modern American business culture originates and inspires from military rules, strategies and regulations (Hart pp.12). Especially the literature of strategic management is so similar to armed sciences that the terminologies of both remained the same after so many years. Conclusively the war created a strong business and corporate culture in the society that is currently serving the nation well enough. American citizens on the other hand comprehended the importance of weaponry, education and economic growth. In the past half of the century almost every American citizen is attempting to play his or her role in the society as effectively as possible. Contemporary research suggested that war is a great motivator and people tend to get united when a military confrontation happens. But the secret of America’s economic development lies with its ability to grow a system which supported unity and this mechanism supported the country successfully for a number of decades. Conclusion This paper was developed in order to evaluate Wilson’s decision to take the American nation into the war. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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