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What are the limits of international cooperation - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Title: International Cooperation: the Upper and Lower Bounds of the Process One of the most dynamic aspects of international integration that has been evidenced over the past century is with regards to the seemingly increasing nature of what many scholars and political scientists have referred to as the rise in “international cooperation”…
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What are the limits of international cooperation
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"What are the limits of international cooperation"

Download file to see previous pages Naturally, this is a naive approach to world relations and one that cannot be reasonably expected to exist at any level as the parties that are integrating with one another are ultimately self interested and seek to maximize their own good at each and every juncture (Chandy & Kharas, 2011). Ultimately, as this analysis will argue, there are distinct limits of expectation that should be established with respect to the way in which international cooperation will be exhibited. As a means of providing relevant situational examples for this, several of the key exhibitions of the limitations and constraints to international cooperation will be elaborated upon and referenced within this brief analysis. In this way, it is the hope of this author that after integrating with a further understanding of what constitutes the bounds of international cooperation, the reader might come to a more informed understanding of how international cooperation is exhibited within the current model and how one might expect it to be exhibited within the near future in any number f different inter-state interactions that may take place. Looking back into the not so distant past, it is the understanding of this author that two distinct indicators of international cooperation can be found to exist. These are the needs and expectations/demand for sovereignty as well as the continual and a surge of need for the propagation of self interest. With regards to the latter, this is one of the terms and understandings that most closely define international relations on any particular level. Likewise, with regards to the former, this is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of state behavior as it lies at the core of almost each and every action that is state engages in (Zaum, 2010). Nonetheless, even though these two concepts are heavily leveraged with respect to international relations, they are none the less salient to a more complete understanding of international cooperation. For instance, if one takes the case of the Marshall plan, instituted by the United States at the close of World War II as a means of rebuilding a war-ravaged Europe, the self interests of this particular program was with regards to developing a resilient and robust series of economies within Western Europe that could stand up to the growing threat that the Soviet Union posed in the East (Hogan, 1989). Likewise, the cooperation that was noted between these nations and the United States was with respect to the fact that this program did not infringe upon self-interest or sovereignty to a large enough degree for the recipient nations to refuse such aid (Tinsley, 2007). In such a way, both determinants of the rubric lain out above have been met and thus international cooperation is something that can be expected to have taken place in this particular situation. Likewise, as history has proven, this is indeed the result and can be attested to in a variety of other somewhat similar situations. Similar situations to the one described above are not only relegated to history, rather the determinant of sovereignty and self interest of both parties continues to define the exhibition of international ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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