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Darwin: Origin of Species INTRODUCTION How did the human race evolve on earth? Why, how and when was life first formed on earth? These questions have been a continuous topic for debate since the ancient times. Gradually, assumptions were formed that it was God who had created the life on earth…
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Darwin: Origin of Species
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Download file to see previous pages Although interesting and fascinating, scientific theories have often been too challenging to be interpreted, owing to the inclusion of particular terminologies. Also, readers, who possess little interest in learning scientific theories, often decipher reluctance to go though books related with this particular subject area; thus, confining the applicability of such books within educational curriculums. Darwin’s book on his theory of “Origins of Species”, which was later edited by Philip Appleman, depicts the evolutionary theory coined by Darwin in a simple and in an astonishingly casual but effective manner to bind the concentration of its readers. The chapter orientation and the smooth narrative flow throughout the book, certainly posses the strength to explain the true meaning of Darwin’s theory to its readers, irrespective of them being associated in the field of scientific studies. Another feature that secludes the book written by Charles Darwin and then condensed by Philip Appleman, from any other book based on scientific theories, was the philosophical notions used to contradict the long inherited belief of human race that species on earth were the creation of God. THESIS STATEMENT This thesis will aim at reviewing the book written by Charles Darwin, based on this theory of “Origins of Species”, which was later, in the year 2002, was published after being edited by Philip Appleman. Correspondingly, this thesis will provide an overview to the context of the book and further attempt to make a critical review of the narration postulated in the book. OVERVIEW The theory propagated by Darwin, regarding the history of the evolution of various species on earth, remains to be a debatable topic even in the modern society. Since its postulation, the theory has been acting as a reason for the polarization of scientists and philosophists, specifically the theists. Stating precisely, the notion put forward by Darwin’s theory of “Origins of Species”, limits the act of God in the creation of living species on earth. Accordingly, the theory opposes the Biblical postulation that God is the supreme and the creator of the universe, stating that at least on earth, the species were born mainly due to cell divisions and due to the adaptability of the early species to change and survive in different geographic as well as biological conditions. As per the theory, species on earth did not require the help of God to evolve and survive through devastating alterations in the climatic, geographic or demographic conditions; rather, they were able to develop their capabilities to adapt and survive. As affirmed in the book by Darwin and Appleman, (1) “No case in on record of a variable organism ceasing to vary under cultivation. Our oldest cultivated plants, such as wheat, still yield new varieties: our oldest domesticated animals are still capable of rapid improvement or modification”. This apparently contradicts the Biblical verse in Genesis 2:3–2:7 that “the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Cosans 362). CRITICAL ANALYSIS In his book, ‘Origin of Species’, Darwin had primarily been concerned about the core reason for the struggle of various species ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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