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Vietnam Country Report - Research Paper Example

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Vietnam Country Report Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract A country that has been ruled for long may take some time before it develops economically. Most countries in the world were colonized and soon after achievements of independence, some re-organized themselves and formed a stable government, while others developed neo-colonialism…
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Vietnam Country Report
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"Vietnam Country Report"

Download file to see previous pages After achieving independence in 1945, the French nation did not offer financial support to Vietnam; furthermore, Americans intervened into the matters of this nation. The nation was divided into two; the northern socialist and the southern communist. Both sides faced major challenges despite the effort put by the first president to stabilize the whole nation. However, in 1976, the two regions merged and became one nation of Vietnam. This was a big step, which later led to economic development. The major vices faced by this country included dictatorship and corruption, even though in the recent past, the government have put efforts to negate these attributes, so as to rise more in terms of economy, hence gaining recognition by international communities. Keywords: Vietnam, Government, Colonial Powers, Colony, France, Rule, America, Independence, Nation, Socialist, Communist, Dictatorship, Corruption, International Community Political History of Vietnam Vietnam is a country that had been under colonial rule for a long time. It was ruled by the Chinese for around 1053 years, before the rule of Japan and some other regions by France. However in 1945, Vietnam was declared a free state by the then leader, Ho Chi Minh. In his independence declaration, he tried to sooth the Americans so as to support the move against France, from reclaiming any territory of Vietnam. After the Second World War, America associated itself with France to reclaim some of its territories in Vietnam. This was to the disappointment of Ho Chi Minh, and although this attempt failed, the Americans tried to colonize the Vietnamese, in a move to ensure that Vietnam was transformed to a western oriented nation. Vietnam had lost most of its valuables and could neither have freedom to have its own government, nor develop its own economy; instead it was constantly in war. This angered the then American president Roosevelt in 1944, who complained that France had milked Vietnam for many years (Bradley & Young, 2008). All along, with the separation of Vietnam into communist south and socialist north, the country could not make any substantial development. Instead it was a fight for supremacy, and there were many militias and foreign aggressions. However, in 1974, Vietnam was united, although it further faced segregation from the international community. It had been accused of invading Cambodia, faced cold war and had been granted sanctions by America. It was a difficult situation given that the currencies were controlled by these nations. The leaders struggled to progress with the limited freedom and with the unstable economy. Nevertheless, their effort began to bear fruits in 1986, when it adopted economic reforms, which saw the economy grow substantially. This is the country that had been affected most my political instability. Had such a nation been granted its independence earlier, then it would have grown long ago and reached greater heights in its economy. Its growth due to the independence is enough evidence to show that it had potential, but lacked the opportunity. Its restoration is also attributed to the Paris agreement of 1991, where it established diplomatic and economical relations with other nations. Vietnam Political system Vietnam is a presidential state. It is headed by the chief of state, who is the president, and the head of government is the prime ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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