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An author of this essay seeks to examine the context behind the events during the American Civil War. He further suggests that the American Civil War was a vital turning point of America, and also a great example resolving historical differences among and within nations…
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Causes of the Civil War
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Download file to see previous pages As an overview, the American Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865 where 11 states from the South of the country secede. With this secession, the 11 states established the Confederate States of America, which was primarily done in order to legislate the presence of slavery in these states. In line with this, the American Civil War must be understood beyond the context of death, but it must be taken into account that the civil war had bore many positive changes and perspective, not only to the American society and political system, but also in the worldwide perspective. To name a few, it had caused the Constitutional amendments, which allowed a stronger relationship between citizens with citizens and citizens with the government. Essentially, the most crucial result of the American Civil War was the abolition of slavery across the country. Nonetheless, it must be noted that prior to the emergence of the American Civil War, there have been cited causes of its coming into existence (The American Red Cross 3; West 2).  The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney, who graduated from Yale University, and was able to go to South Carolina to tutor the children of wealthy farmers. As a graduate from Yale University, the people in South Carolina were aware of the intelligence of Whitney. One of the individuals who used this information critically was Catherine Greene, who owns a large cotton plantation in Savannah Georgia. Greene invited Whitney to her farm as a guest, and there she encouraged Whitney. to invent a machine that will allow workers to remove seen from the cotton. Whitney accepted the proposal, and after 10 days, he was able to come up with the cotton gin. With the invention of Whitney, the South was able to experience a growth in the production of its cotton. In particular, it was able to produce 8 million pounds of cotton in the span of two years after the invention of the cotton gin broke out. However, his contribution did not end here because after 12 years of using the cotton gin, the American South was able to produce 80 million pounds of cotton. It was inevitable that the region was already economically up scaling due to the invention of the cotton gin (Hazen 4).
The demand of cotton in the international market grew high; the American South producers considered this as an opportunity. However, the American South considered this success to be dependable on the slave labor. With this in hand, the agricultural and the societal system in the American South had greatly depended in the presence of slaves and the aspect of slavery. During the year 1860, it was recorded within the slave states that there were already 3.5 million slaves. In average, there was a minimum of five slaves and a maximum of 20 for every slave owner (Griess 7). The slaveholders of the South found that the slaves were true to their work and were more efficient. However, even with these positive working attitudes of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Causes of the Civil War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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