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Reading: Watson, J. The Double Helix . Provide a Informative - Essay Example

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The Double Helix The Double Helix is a lively, scandalous book written by James D. Watson that almost stands alone in science as it gives account of chief scientific findings in history. This remarkable piece of writing is highly engaging and apart from science explanation, the story gives analysis of Watson’s demanding societal life and disordered relationship…
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Reading: Watson, J. The Double Helix . Provide a Informative essay
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Reading: Watson, J. The Double Helix . Provide a Informative

Download file to see previous pages... Watson has actually not limited his work to scientific issues but has also initiated unparalleled incursion of the scientists into principled and societal jurisdictions. The harsh, idiosyncratic, contrary and irritable behavior arouses a mixture of approval and barbarity. However, it is undeniable that the tone used in this book is down perhaps because the smooth presentation would make the book more appealing even to people without any knowledge in biology. The book has really reflected the period of creativity and competitiveness in science. The book is very inspiring particularly to the upcoming scientists since it gives them freedom to pursue their concepts and creativities. Watson seems to write about stories that are offending but the presence of the natural frankness excuses him from being accused. He portrays himself to have had serious accountabilities compared to others. The Double Helix draughts along and is full of gossip articles which largely talked about his companion Francis Crick who helped him in pursuing DNA (Watson 19-29). The Double Helix has a lot of information regarding Watson’s autobiography even as it implants itself in an antique perspective making the audience appreciate the stuff and content of the book. The book successfully provides a recount of each pace in science both frontward and recessive. The author does not describe or write the novel in an historic perspective but he did it in a unique style by recording his mind during discovery. It is interesting to read the book as it reflects young scientist’s views and youthful occurrences such as partying with women. Nevertheless, Watson could have not written all about his feelings which are really hurting others. He did not consider any risk that may arise by openly airing his views and setting down meticulous truth even if it was unbecoming (Watson 48-56). Watson showed that he did not have domination on disapproval for his fellow scientists like Franklin in his attempt to build a DNA prototype. It is apparent that his initial attempt to build the model was disastrous just because he could not even remember the way it was stated by the lecturer. He was even asked to go back and study thoroughly especially the protein study after serious humiliation in pointing out the errors. Fortunately he was motivated in carrying out with his DNA model amidst challenges making this book to remain as an event and an unforgettable account (Watson 129-134). The Double Helix shows many frustrations of the scientific works as well as much disapproval that scientists undergo before completing their work. Watson being one of the scientists brings these scientific challenges in a very clear and professional manner that makes the book even more interesting. The several accounts depicted in the book as well as memoirs from Watson have successfully made the book unique and amazing. Watson also shows how narrow mindedness some scientists are because they only focus on the little they know which turn them to be less important individuals at times. The Double Helix is indeed persuasive due to some of the causes of offence portrayed in it thus presenting science as a chaotic and jumbled discipline (Watson 130-134). However, Watson makes one to think that apart from negative attributes of science, progression of science largely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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