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Cold War - Research Paper Example

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Beginning in 1947 and lasting until 1991, the Cold War can be defined as the sustained state of military, as well as political, tensions that existed between western hemisphere countries and their NATO allies and the Eastern hemisphere that was dominated by countries in the Warsaw Pact dominated by the USSR1…
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Cold War
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"Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages Beginning in 1947 and lasting until 1991, the Cold War can be defined as the sustained state of military, as well as political, tensions that existed between western hemisphere countries and their NATO allies and the Eastern hemisphere that was dominated by countries in the Warsaw Pact dominated by the USSR1. Following the success of the wartime alliance formed temporarily against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the only two superpowers in global affairs were the United States and the Soviet Union. However, these two countries had profound differences in their political and economic ideologies, and this led to the beginning of the Cold War. The Second World War had a profound effect on global politics, with the early efforts of leaders in the US and the USSR attempting to shape the international system that was emerging after the war. In my opinion, the beginning of the Cold War can be traced from encouragement made by the Europeans, especially the British. Their encouragement of the United States to make their policy tougher towards the USSR was vital in the beginning. From my reading of the article, The Origins of Post War America, I believe that former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill reinforced this policy during his iron curtain speech2. As Americans, we decided to pursue this policy because it would advance our interests, which resulted in the French, British, and other Western European countries joining us in the sphere of influence. Free elections in these European countries worked towards ratifying the support of Western Europe governments for us. However, the CIA, through its support for anti-communist intellectual organizations and labor unions, did manipulate the outcomes somewhat. From being egged on by the Europeans, we as a country took over the resistance to the communist Eastern Bloc to head it and influence the European powers3. For those European countries that immediately were not up to standard such as Turkey, Greece, and Spain, we used economic leverage. As a country, we projected an image of minimal constraint, economic robustness, and civility that highly contrasted with that of imperial USSR, and so began the Cold War in earnest. Following the devastation that was meted on Europe and large parts of the Soviet Union by the war, our country’s promise of democracy reverberated across the world. The United States emerged from the war as the only major country that had escaped massive damage. While we faced a period of reconversion, our European allies faced a period of reconstruction4. The war had completely overturned the old order and two countries arose from the rubble, the US and USSR. Together, we were eager to seize the opportunity to extend our influence, and we clashed over policies of occupation in Korea, Austria, Japan, Italy, and Germany. This led to a new bi-polar structure, which ensured that the decisions we made determined the manner in which other countries made their decisions. However, the bi-polar nature of the world was more of an asymmetry than a balance, as we held predominant power that enabled us to build up even more5. Our economy was also much stronger than all the rest and our power as a country arose because all other nations were weakened. The atomic bomb, which effectively ended the Second World War, ensured that the nuclear race continued to destabilize the world during the Cold War as we and the USSR looked for, ways to deal with it as atomic development programs spurred on. The bomb throughout the Cold War period was uncontrolled, copied, and envied, making it a major obstacle to getting peace in the postwar international system6. The issue of how to control to use, spread and development of the atom bomb dogged the entire period. Our government was worried that our monopoly would end with an increase of nuclear proliferation. These fears were further intensified with the successful trial of an atom bomb by the USSR in 1949. The weapon turned to be a way for various countries to pry concessions or deter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Afghanistan in the Cold War
Turmoil has been consistent in modern Afghanistan commencing in the 1970s.This was after the invasion of the Soviet Union in Kabul where they installed a sympathetic leader to their policies. Those that opposed this, fellow Muslims to be specific and who were against anticommunism ideas got utmost support from the united states and other Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
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Cold War
Even though the Second World War ended in 1945, another undeclared cold war started immediately between America and Soviet Union for capturing supremacy in global political and economical matters. The different political ideologies prevailed in these superpowers (America is under democratic administration whereas Soviet Union was under communist administration) strengthened the cold war immensely.
4 Pages(1000 words)Research Paper
History of the Cold War
After the World War II the Soviet Union turned out to be a super power which was becoming a threat for the United States and for this reason many blame the United States to be the main cause of Russian collapse. It was the issue of superiority and balance of power between the nations that led to a war which was known as ‘The Cold War’.
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The Cold War was inevitable
Revisionists blame President Truman for setting the stage for the Cold War with the bombarding of Hiroshima in August 1945 and his grip of "nuclear
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Cold war
This event provided stimulus for continuously sustaining and expanding the U.S. military capability after the end of WWII and to a higher end, remedied the ‘great depression’ by converging to resolve with political changes the economic and cultural crises alike.
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The Cold War in Berlin

The author states that the history of Berlin wall remains important in understanding the great socio-economic steps the world has made and the root of the existing political divide between the US-capitalist lead economy versus the Russian-communist policy. The current socio-economic is a product of their 28-year different political ideologies.

7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
The end of the Cold War resulted in the world structure to shift from multipolar and bipolar to unipolar which also caused in statbilities in Third World Nations through withdrawal and disengagement of superpowers, ethnic issues and
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Berlin blockade/ cold war
Happening within such a short time after the second world war, this was the first major clash between the allies and the axis power and foreshadowed a the existence of an even bigger clash between these two powers
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Cold war
Essentially, the notion of the cold war is enigmatic since the major counties in the center of it never actually took up arms against each other in “hot wars”. American and The USSR were embroiled in an ideological contention; American was democratic and capitalistic, whereas Russia was a communist country, this meant that it was led by a single dictator who exercised control all the economic aspects therein.
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The Cold War And Vietnam
Keeping this in mind, I interviewed three people who belonged to different ethnicities and had various cultural backgrounds. For our understanding and recognition, we will call them Vietnamese, Afro-American and non-Hispanic American of the age between 30 and 35. They all were asked following questions.
2 Pages(500 words)Research Paper
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