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Causes of Yellow Peril from the 1960s until today - Essay Example

and other western countries. However, most of their effects are still in existence up to date. This terminology was used specifically by anti-Japanese who saw the expansion of their military force as a factor posing some imminent danger to other races. Japan expanded interns of industrialization enormously on its military background over to China. This scenario led to the displacement of the Chinese to look for jobs in other regions, especially America and Europe (Marchetti 2). Their influxes led to the provision of cheap labor besides other numerous threats, hence were seen as a concern by the other races. Remunerations were then below their sustainability and, therefore, resorted to lynching them in public. The tendency of hatred has perpetuated into the current lifestyles of Americans. Major consequences of the yellow peril The Chinese language, education and culture, were seen as a threat to some regions, especially in California. Chinese were criticized for following different religion, playing different games amongst others, but worst of all was their long hair style which was considered unhygienic by the Americans. They assumed that was a conduct of being uncivilized. Such kinds of conception are still perceived by Americans to whom they believe are not able to abide by their doctrines. In early 70s, the Chinese resorted to different occupations like gold mining in which they became very popular. Later, this led to the imposition of foreign miners’ license tax by the Government on

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Chinese who had not so far planned for citizenship. People who were not Chinese, however, were allowed to gain citizenship by naturalization. Of late the act has so far been implemented will ill motive to bar anybody who is perceived to be American enemy especially from the East. They later formed an association to assist them in the bargaining power. The agenda of the association was to claim for recognition of Chinese society as a provider of good services in contrast to the west who claimed that they were just for cheap labor. This did not work. Nevertheless, they further went ahead and built their own town where they could practice their culture to avoid victimization and discrimination (Takaki 3). Yellow peril brought about an imminent threat to the dilution of powers. It was argued that Japan would get more powers and take control. Further, this would make them become the super powers of the world. This was evidenced in the sense that it was able to defeat other stronger countries like Manchuria, Russia and Korea. It was also seen as a threat to the living standards. Since Chinese were numerous in population, they easily made a provision of cheap labor, and this led to their much adoration in the line of duties. This was seen as a danger since most of the original inhabitants were subjected to either accept the low wage or face the wrath of the life. There was also an existence of fear of invasion of culture and civilization of the western people. Most of the writers in Europe developed many articles explaining that they are incapable of controlling East, and this would degrade them morally and socially. Japanese were also considered as strangers. They were equally treated with discrimination. They also went ahead to have their own community where they could do their own cultural practices. In spite of prejudice and racial discrimination, they were able to set up occupation especially in the line of agriculture but were much more capitalized (Takaki 3). With the practice of capitalism, Japan still remains an economic threat to the U.S. It has a regional control of currency giving an impression that it does not care about other countries but instead mindful about its exports.


Yellow peril is a terminology used as a metaphor to describe the dangers that were exposed by Chinese immigrants. In the early 1960’s, Chinese immigrants were seen as a danger towards the lifestyle of the other races in the U.S. and other western countries…
Causes of Yellow Peril from the 1960s until today
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