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HI 325C The Frontier - Essay Example

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This part will discuss the virtues and skills which Carson acquires in his early years as a trapper and hunter in his exploits in the Trans-Mississippi West. This part will also evaluate how Kit Carson uses those virtues and skills to overcome challenges and hardships in the Rocky Mountains…
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HI 325C The Frontier
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"HI 325C The Frontier"

Download file to see previous pages Kit Carson uses those virtues and skills to overcome challenges and hardships in the Rocky Mountains. One, he uses his keenness to protect himself and other traders. One instance when Kit Carson’s promptness of action is tested is the night when an inexperienced guard alerts them of invading Indians. Kit Carson is seen to be on his feet in an instant with a pistol on his hand (Abbott 12). It is asserted that the loss of a single second may give an enemy the opportunity to launch its attack and disappear in the dark night. Kit Carson reacts quickly and shoots his mule. Nevertheless, it is a false alarm. Two, his persistence enables him to hunt for food and find a suitable location to set camp. Carson travels for over fifty miles with his mule and horse, looking at every stream and creek, being on the lookout for any indication of a beaver. Kit Carson selects a location for his camp after travelling past a meandering stream circling through the centre, which he believes has a large number of beavers (Abbott 17). Finally, his acquaintance of the Spanish language becomes a beneficial investment to him. It enables him to retain everything that the expert ranger of the woods convey in respect to the topography of the Far West, the challenges to be encountered, and the ways of dealing with them. Part 2 Last of the Mohicans This part will discuss whether the movie Last of the Mohicans portray the Trans-Appalachian frontier of the 1750s as a bloody “no-man’s-land” between clashing empires, or as a “middle ground” in which settlers and natives interact peacefully and exchange culture on equal terms. It will also evaluate whether it portrays Indians as bloodthirsty and savage or as peaceful and virtuous, and look at how the British and French officials in this film differ in their attitude toward Indians and colonial settlers. The movie portrays the Trans-Appalachian frontier of the 1750s as a bloody “no-man’s-land” between clashing empires. From the start of the movie there is a battle for the control of colonial America by the French and British troops. The British troops seek military assistance from a number of Native American war groups who are not willing to leave their residence undefended. As the French and British soldiers fight for the control of the North America, the natives and the settlers are compelled to take sides. In recruiting Native Americans for their military battles, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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