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The history of the Muslim world in the period between the early 15th and early 20 centuries - Research Paper Example

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Islam is perceived to be among the oldest and the most widely followed religion of the world.Where on one hand,with the rise and expansion of new religions such as Judaism and Christianity,the Muslim world had to witness a fall in its political and social magnitude…
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The history of the Muslim world in the period between the early 15th and early 20 centuries
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"The history of the Muslim world in the period between the early 15th and early 20 centuries"

Download file to see previous pages Islam is perceived to be among the oldest and the most widely followed religion of the world. Where on one hand, with the rise and expansion of new religions such as Judaism and Christianity, the Muslim world had to witness a fall in its political and social magnitude; on the other hand, benefited by the advent of successful trade relationships of Muslim community with the non-Islamic nations, the community was able to strengthen its foothold in global politics of the modern world. Some of the noteworthy events that can be remarked as best illustrations of the alterations witnessed by the Muslim world since the early 15th century till the early 20th century or the modern era include the rise of Mughals, Ottomans and Safavids, repeat clashes of the Muslim world with other religious communities as well as trade expansion of the Muslims in the global plethora. Historians have often argued that these events have led towards immense alterations in the religious beliefs as well as social structures of the Muslim world playing the key role in developing its advanced post-modern shape. However, these events, as argued by historians, imposed varying impacts on the Muslim world, some being strong enough to permanently change few aspects of this particular assemblage while the others having a short term influence Concerning these aforementioned aspects, this thesis will be focused on discussing about the various events which have been witnessed within the Muslim world during its experiences within the period from 15th century to 20th century. Correspondingly, the ultimate aim of the study will be to identify particular events and encounters which have been most influential in shaping the modern Muslim world. DISCUSSION The Muslim World during early 15th and 16th Centuries The most significant event which has often attracted intellectuals arguing on the historic transformations of the Muslim world during the 15th century was the fall of Constantinople after being conquered by the Ottoman Empire sultan Mehmed II. It was during this tenure of Muslim world history that Ottomans were emerging as the major Islamic dynasty to rule to Arab-Muslim nations. It was during the mid 15th century that Mehmed II acquired the throne of the Ottoman dynasty when the Muslim world was focused primarily on trade as well as political expansion, based on the notion of imperialism to gain superiority over other non-Muslim communities. In such circumstance, Constantinopolis (Kostantiniyye) was the most appropriate geographical area to expand trade and also to gain control on the activities of the neighboring continents, i.e. Asia and Europe. Both Asia and Europe, during this period was undergoing tremendous alterations being politically weak, but economically enriched with natural resources and flow of international commodities. Thus, conquering Constantinople was a golden opportunity for Mehmed II to expand the Ottoman Empire and almost effortlessly, obtain the benefits of an equipped trade relation between Constantinopolis and European as well as Asian dynasties. On the social forefront, the defeat of Constantinople further contributed towards the enrichment of the artistic patronage of the medieval Muslim world which is still considered to be enviable. Not only in terms of its artistic patronage, but also with respect to the political structure and policy concerns, the Muslim world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The History of the Muslim World in the Period Between the Early 15th Research Paper.
“The History of the Muslim World in the Period Between the Early 15th Research Paper”, n.d.
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