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SADDAM HUSEIN - Research Paper Example

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Saddam Hussein: Rise and Fall of Power Abstract: The following work gives an outline of rise and fall of the remarkable president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. First, a brief personal history of his early years is given…
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Download file to see previous pages... There is a brief mention of his ruling style in Iraq. Then a brief outline of Iran-Iraq war is given. His invasion of Kuwait and the gulf war is discussed next. The American attack on Iraq in 2003 is discussed in the end. The fall of his government, capture of Bagdad and his hiding is given in this part. This work ends with mentions of events like capture of Saddam Hussein, his trial in Iraqi special court and is execution by Hanging. Introduction: Saddam Hussein was one of the most remarkable figures in the history of the world. He was one of those men in the world who have changed the course of history. His rise and fall is linked with many important events in the history. His rise to power was an important event in the Middle East. Then there was Iran-Iraq War in which Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam, fought a prolonged war against its neighbour Iran. There was Gulf War; which was the direct consequence of his invasion in Kuwait. President George Bush Sr. Sent troops to free Kuwait from the clutches of Saddam. Then in 2003 a coalition force of mainly US force and some British force invaded Iraq and marked the end of Saddam Hussein. Birth and Early Years: Saddam Hussein was born on April 28 in the year 1937 in a poor Iraqi family. His birth place was a village near the Iraqi town, Tikrit. Few years after his birth, his father died. His mother married again. Saddam had an uncle, his mother’s brother, named Khairallah Talfah. Khairallah was a leader of an anti-king group. Some people in Iraq were not happy with the Iraqi king. They thought he was too close to Britain and was controlled by Britain. Khairallah was imprisoned for his anti government activities. Later he was released and took a job as a teacher. In 1947 at the age of 10 Saddam came to stay with his uncle. He was admitted to school. In 1955 Khairallah moved to Bagdad, and Saddam came along with him. His uncle was still anti-government and had interests in anti-government movements. They had the same allegation against the king: that he was under the power of Great Britain. Staying in Bagdad with his uncle Saddam too became interested in politics. He was influenced by his uncle and became an anti-king too. He even took part in 1952 riot in Bagdad. This was the beginning of his political career. Around this time his uncle introduced him with Ahmed Hassan-al-Bakr, an army general and his relative. Khairallah wanted him to take Saddam as his protege (Anderson, 2004, pp.10-16). Beginning of Political Career: Around 1956-57 Saddam started attending Ba’ath Party meetings. The party’s ambitious aim was to form a pan-Islamic union with all the Arabian nations. Saddam was inspired by the party’s ideology and became a supporter. He joined the party in a minor post but he was popular among his comrades. The popularity of Ba’ath Party grew in Iraq and other Arab nations. At the same time, anger against the Great Britain’s favourite the Iraqi king grew. There was a state of unrest and people were on the streets. In 1958 general Abdel Karim Kassem marched into Bagdad. He killed the king and the Prime Minister along with other important government officers and took the power. Ba’ath supported Kassem at the beginning. But the party had differences with him. Kassem did not like them either. Gradually the distance between Kassem and Ba’ath increased. They became enemy of Kassem. Ba’ath party leaders made a plot to kill Kassem. Saddam and six other party youths were selected to carry out the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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