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Iraq Today - Essay Example

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This essay describes the situation in Iraq is far from being stable, even after Saddam Hussein is gone. The researcher focuses on the analysis of modern times in the country and how politics and war impacted the society as well as economics and inner political situation…
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Iraq Today
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Extract of sample "Iraq Today"

Download file to see previous pages The need for a strong leadership has never been greater. Internal strife only adds confusion and destruction to the rehabilitation process in Iraq. Questions often rise if the removal of Saddam Hussein is the rightful thing to do. No one in this part of the Middle East is influential enough to subdue the conflict that is inhibiting Iraq.
The plan for a complete reconstruction of Iraq lies in shambles. "As US troops have learned in the months since the statues fell in Baghdad, rebuilding Iraq is no easy task--but neither is it beyond the realm of possibility" ( There are just too many players who want to get a piece of the action. Intervening agencies and organizations have motives of their own. The American contingent promises a swift and effective way of turning the Iraqi instability around. But years after, things are back to where it all started. Destruction continues to exist. For many, the campaign to remove Saddam Hussein never left. Its presence is very much visible today in a repressed Iraq. There are numerous works to be done to get things going for the Iraqi people. But if the current situation doesn't subside soon, growth and development will take longer than expected.
Without a true leader, the Iraqis have no one to turn to. All they have is a government without a clout, several sectarian groups and an intervening superpower country. The main problem in this divided nation is an influential figure. At present, it is ironic to say that everyone sees himself as the savior. Party heads set their sights on the highest position of the land. In a society on transition, it is difficult to find a rightful ruler who can unite the...
The researcher states that the United States and the United Nations wanted a balance of power in the Middle East since the 1980s. There is chaos across the Arab land today. Islamic countries are busy jockeying for position to wield their influence. Iran further complicates the situation when it engages Iraq in a conflict along the border area. The war is of extreme significance since it strengthens Saddam Hussein’s place in Iraqi politics. The country regains its territories which are formerly occupied by neighboring Iran. Hussein’s regime has been a formidable presence in keeping the country intact amidst some minor skirmishes within its government. Saddam Hussein is gone now. But the situation in Iraq is far from being stable. The world watches the Iraqi reconstruction with a mixed feeling of apprehension and excitement. It has been initially predicted that Iraq in particular and the Middle East in general will be a safer place without Saddam. But years after the UN-supported coalition remove the dictator from power, the situation remains grim and unpromising. The plan for a complete reconstruction of Iraq lies in shambles. “As US troops have learned in the months since the statues fell in Baghdad, rebuilding Iraq is no easy task, but neither is it beyond the possibility”. The researcher then concluds that Iraq is in a crisis all its own. The internal crisis on hand is further being drawn by different groups into a state of upheaval. It is sad, because the people have been waiting to live in peace and harmony. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Iraq Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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