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Comparison between Hitler and Martin Luther King's Ideologies - Essay Example

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Adolph Hitler and Martin Luther King junior: ideological comparison University Date Introduction Martin Luther King junior and Adolph Hitler were without doubt some of the most charismatic leaders of the 20th century, though they had distinctively different ideological paths, the ideologies may have seemed similar when contextualized…
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Comparison between Hitler and Martin Luther Kings Ideologies
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Comparison between Hitler and Martin Luther King's Ideologies

Download file to see previous pages... One common similarity between them is their rise from humble backgrounds to lead high profile nationalistic campaigns in their different backyards. Hitler rising to lead the Germans while King rising to lead a campaign against racial inequality in the United States of America. They espoused different ideologies; Marin Luther King espoused nonviolent activism while Adolf Hitler strongly believed in the Nazi ideology. These were two contradicting ideologies, Adolf Hitler’s believed in the superiority of the Aryan race while the Martin Luther King believed in Black Nationalism. The two ideologies on other hand seemed to have similarities, not taking into account the fact that Martin Luther King was from the United States and Adolf Hitler was from Germany. Martin Luther’s king and Hitler’s ideological background There are varying definitions of the term ideology; however, it usually refers to the manner of thinking and belief common to an individual, class or the whole society. Ideologies are sets of ideas, which are based on the messages that do not emanate from the ideas on their own, but from the unconscious mind of an individual or the collective masses. Martin Luther King Junior was famously known for his significant role in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, and he lead a non-violent activism movement in the United States campaigning for equal footing for the black Americans with the white Americans. This ideology seemed similar to the one espoused by Mohandas Gandhi when he led a nonviolent activism against the British colonialist, occupying India, he claims to have been heavily inspired by this Leader and in addition, Leo Tolstoy Before King. The philosophy espoused in this ideology entailed Christian doctrine and that of liberating African Americans from the yoke of slavery. He had great speech delivery; he captured the society with very famous phrases and quotes that have held together societies for generations and generations. The election of the current United States of America President Barrack Obama, who is an African American, is indirectly linked to the great work and campaign of Martin Luther King Junior. This feat was unlikely and unthinkable in the eras that Martin Luther king Junior lived; this was a legacy that he left on the annals of the United States of America. Adolf Hitler was great a German Reich, who left a great print on the society because the Second World War was directly attributable to him. This was after he felt that Germany was exposed and shortchanged at the treaty of Versailles, he thought that Germany’s pride had diminished at the treaty. This war was blamed for the millions of lives lost across the world from America, Europe, Africa and even Asia. Besides the world war, his ideological beliefs lead to widespread torture, violence, and terror of millions of Semites, blacks and the gypsies. His ideology captured millions of people especially in white dominated areas in Europe, Americas and the Australasia regions, and even to this date, there are people who still profess this ideology, despite the fact that it is predominantly unpopular all over the world. His ideology entailed the claim that the Aryan race in Germany and Austria were the most superior races off all beings this lead to orchestrate one of the dark events known in the history of humankind, the holocaust. He held the view ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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