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People across the world always want to know their history and reconnect with the previous historical events. This goes a long way in connecting people to their culture, which is deeply savored. For example, Americans are deeply connected to the historic events of their nation. …
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Fulfilling the Promise
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"Fulfilling the Promise"

This makes America a proud nation since it has unending respect for the people that made the historic actions. This brings the issue of the world wars and the struggle between the world’s super powers. The countries were in deep cohesion over the control of some resources in the world. However, some countries had their strengths while at the same time having weaknesses. This made it hard to take successful control over these resources that were contentious. It is noted that democracies in the world are not able to sustain long wars especially when they lack the support of the public. When democracies are left alone in the war fields, they are likely to flop since they will not have the ultimate support from the public. In the same line, Powel quips in with a confirmatory ideology that highlights three key points (Powell 125). First, when a country wants to participate in any war, it should garner enough public support. The public will be instrumental in ensuring the country is attaining what it needs. Secondly, Powel states that a country that wants to engage in any war should have a clearly stated mission (Powell 130). This will assist in conquering the stated parts. Lastly, a country that wishes to engage in war should have an overwhelming support. As such, a country should be well prepared to tackle their opponents when war erupts. This will assist in ensuring the country wins over its opponents. ...
Kennedy states that history is a means of knowledge, and it is sometimes used as a means of judgment (Kennedy 2). Kennedy states that history teaches about diversity in a single country, people from different races and ethnicities and other geographical features that are different from each other. Apparently, the history of a country can be used to judge the present. For example, history highlights the need for freedoms, equality and law. Going by history, these aspects have been developing and becoming more precise. Therefore, the development of these aspects can be used to show the improvement in human nature. This improvement has developed the American tradition to greater heights, which shows justice has been taking a positive improvement in ensuring the American society is achieving its mission of fulfilling its promises. According to Oakes, the cold war was as a result of “ideological, political, military and economic factors” (Oakes and McGerr 733). Many countries that participated in the cold war had their interests which were to be protected. However, other countries were posing to be a threat in achieving their interests. This led to underground development of opposition between the involved countries. Most of these countries did not openly show the need to indulge in war, but practically, that was what was going to happen. The hitherto planning would mean that there would be an eruption of war, though not even one country had the audacity to start the war. Though at times allies in the war had their differences, they had to garner each other’s support to succeed in the fight (Oakes and McGerr 736). For example, the “soviet union was committed to communalism and socialism” while “the united states to Read More
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