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From Isolationism to Interventionism. America's evolution - Essay Example

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The foreign policy has changed since the end of the WW II in order help other nations to resolve their conflicts and stabilize their economic status. This improves their relation with the US and America would have provided a way for the nation to be in good terms. …
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From Isolationism to Interventionism. Americas evolution
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From Isolationism to Interventionism. America's evolution

Download file to see previous pages... These guiding principles defended their homeland borders and remained self-sufficient and unconcerned with the rest of the world. The policies changed to interventionism, which was founded on the principle of directly intervening in the affairs of other nations. The change was because of the American’s perception of the most decent and had the proper way of living, governing and hence it would take measures to guide other nations towards the same direction. Initially, the nation was largely non-interventionist state, which preferred to focus on domestic affairs and pay attention to economic policies abroad. The change occurred after the Cold World War when America was forced to storm into the war when Japanese pilots bombed the naval base at Pearl Harbor in December 1941. This changed the United States to an interventionist state. The idea of communism and the threat of Soviet Union influenced every foreign policy adopted by the U.S. A recovery program that was passed by Congress in 1948 sent relief funds into Western Europe and this created an influx of business in America. America later worked towards freeing nations referred to as the third world. They started practicing a policy of self-determination, not seeking conquest or economic control but instead instilling governments that were friendly. The United States through the United Nations intervened into the war between the communist government of Korea and the Republic of Korea since they saw that the Republic of Korea needed help to avoid being overrun. This war finally settled in 1953 and the borers were restored exactly as they were before the war broke. The conflict in Vietnam began in 1945 when the Vietminh declared Vietnam self-governing from France. The United States though had promised to accept the results of the elections, which were conducted in 1956 to unite the two separate nations under one democratically elected official later in 1956. They ignored it and provided weapons and training for the friend faction in Vietnam and sent CIA Operatives to destabilize the Vietminh clandestinely. During the 1950s, the US government had supported a change in control of Cuba when Fidel Castro led the supporting revolution. After Castro came into power, he severed all ties with the United States and became more open about his socialist leanings. Later, the United States funded and trained troops that led a coup attempt to wrest control from Castro, which failed. John Blight said that the relation between Castro’s government and America was indirectly responsible for the alliance between Cuba and the USSR. President Harry S Truman (1945 to 1952) set before Congress his domino theory, which showed that if one pertinent nation fell into communism, it would drag all its neighbors. This led to the Truman Doctrine in 1947, which contributed to demolishment of communism (Patrick 111). Truman laid out is Point IV Program in 1949 which intended to give technical aid to third world nations and also aided formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which intended to counter the Soviet threat in Western Europe. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was in power between 1952 and 1960. He propagated the interventionist policies where in 1953 he used the CIA to stage coups and overthrow unfriendly governments in Iran and Guatemala. He helped to form the Southeast Asia Theory Organization after the fall of Vietnam from French control to Vietminh control in 1954. He acknowledged that there were background events and people involved in various aspects of American Interventionism. It became necessary to review the interventionism and look at different sides to debate. One of the issues was that getting involved ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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