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Instructor Date submitted History and Political Science Introduction Jose Ortega y Gasset wrote a famous book, The Revolt of the Masses, which represents his most fundamental deliberations concerning European integration. The work tries to characterize the consequences of Revolt regarding political unification of Europe…
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Final Exam
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"Final Exam"

Download file to see previous pages In Spain, it highlighted on the controversy over the alleged elitism of Revolt and the French did not welcome Ortega’s reasoning or philosophical views. The public accepted the work of Ortega because of numerous reasons. It highlighted on the masses that were disadvantaged in the society and seemed to look for solutions to the problems caused by the European integration. Ortega’s meaning and Characteristics of the “Europe masses” Ortega y Gasset talks of “Europe masses” after assessing the social order that most people live without noticing. In the wake of globalization and diversity in numerous areas, Ortega believes that the European elite that are creating problems to other unfortunate individuals in the society. When he refers to “masses,” Ortega highlights on the political and the social crisis of Europe. In general, he talks of the general Western civilization. In this process, Ortega focuses on revealing the root causes of this crisis that the Western civilization brings to the social systems in the society. Ortega refers to “masses” and ponders concerning who should rule the human society (Ortega y Gasset 34). The mass man Ortega refers to is the ordinary or the average person who accepts himself as he is and is unwilling to place demands on himself. The masses also consider themselves equal of others and have had immense effect on the intellectual fiber of the society. Ortega believes that the emergence of “European masses” and technological advancement had stripped away Man’s bottom illusions, at enormous rate. The masses take control of the government and change the manner in which people should be governed. Concerning the characteristics of the masses, Ortega admits that it is normal to have minority in power but there are problems associated with such a leadership. To some extent, it is a good move; however, it makes nations suffer as people are affected by the rebellion of other masses. Rebellious is one characteristic of the masses. Most importantly, masses believe in political life where one questions the other parties’ economic, moral, religious and intellectual, which are collective habits of people. The characteristic of the masses is based on the commonplace mind that understands itself as a commonplace. This mind claims to have the authority of exercising their rights and is capable of imposing them wherever it will. According to a say in the U.S. that, “to be different is to be indecent.” Ortega portrays the mass as a tool that crushes anything that is beneath it. Some of the things that the mass crushes include individuals, excellent things, qualified and select. It assumes that people should have different characteristics, but ensure that they accommodate others (Ortega y Gasset 64). This is why they say that anybody who is not like everybody risks being eliminated because they do not belong to the same mass. Ortega’s Perspective of the proper “Minorities” Ortega’s Revolt highlights on the significance of having proper minorities and the masses in Europe. He argues through mature thoughts regarding the respective roles of minorities and masses in Western society. His diagnosis culminates in this work and he continues to ensure that he promotes the well-being of the European society. His efforts aim at working towards eliminating the imbalance between masses and minorities. This is because the masses take over the society and fail to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 4.
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