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Western European superiority - better than Indians, the Chinese and European neighbors- imperialist conquests and World War I - Term Paper Example

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World War 1 was as a result of various factors, amongst them the Western European feelings of superiority. In the argument of Perry, et al it is clear that the Western Front fronted a series of wars till the end of the war (365)…
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Western European superiority - better than Indians, the Chinese and European neighbors- imperialist conquests and World War I
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"Western European superiority - better than Indians, the Chinese and European neighbors- imperialist conquests and World War I"

Download file to see previous pages The western part involved the N.E part of Belgium and France, whilst Netherlands opted to remain neutral throughout the war, and the British Empire as well, battling out with the then Prussia (Perry, et al 365). Scholars indicate that Western Europe forged ahead of other parts of Europe, and the world, including Asia. The western front had a b added advantage over the other parts as the part was better off in terms of use of artillery, firearms, armed ships and fortifications (Perry, et al 365). By the year 1800, the western front had managed to conquer numerous states as well as control major trade routes in Asia, particularly taking over Americans. Western Europe was well placed before the 1800, as opposed to China, Japan and the Ottoman Empire, as these countries had not had the expertise to use firearms to their advantage and the gun power technology (Bulliet, et al 268). The Ottoman cannons are indicated to be of poor quality and had to be re-melted for use (Bulliet , et al 268). The military weapons for instance in Vietnam by 1572, were not worth re-using (Bulliet, et al 743). This fact places the Western empire at a better place than her counterparts, to an extent that the empire was exporting weapons to the Ottoman. In the case of Asia, Adas indicates that Asia was no exceptional, as they hired Western European militants to help them in the tactics of gun making and military organization (137). Among these military expertises include Napoleonic officers and the gun founders of the time (Perry et al 366). This is a clear evidence of the Western Front superiority that they were enjoying at the time- early 1800s. Despite the fact that China was more economically able as contrasted to the Western Front, its military prowess placed her at a better stance over other states (Adas 138). Though, at a later stage other countries outside the Western Empire began to develop in terms of military technology, for instance Japan and the volley fire, all these tactics according to Selin lagged behind that of Western Front (2276). The military competition caused a lot of tension and instability in Europe. Adas also indicates that the able powers also become competitive economically (133). The ‘military able’ countries sustained productivity; thus, competition in Europe. Adas indicates that India joined in the arms race, and wanted to adopt the modern and sophisticated weapons and military tactics. This competition for arms led to clear warfare in the world, as all countries wanted to be prepared to deal with both local and foreign rivals (165). In a nutshell, one would argue that war was visualized as the path to prowess and prowess; thus, almost all countries globally flexed their muscles towards the arms race. Almost all leaders wanted to be likened to kings of military ability, notable example Louis XIV at Versailles, all in the battle to join in a ‘royal sport’ –war (Louis-XIV & Sonnino 173). Western Europe conquered small states into her territory, and was continually on the move to outdo their military counterparts. Adas indicates that the efforts by Western Europe to advance in military technology, the move led to countries funding their armies, navies, all in an endeavor to improve it logistics and military techniques (134). Since the move to upgrade their military technique by various states did not last a day, Western Europe retained her position at the top of the world’s military league. However, it is important to note that Western Europeans considered themselves better than Indians, the Chinese and European neighbors, as the Western Empire did not face some of the challenges that the other countries were facing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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