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How do you think the United States government can be improved upon, changed, or reformed, to better represent your ideal governm - Essay Example

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Improving the US government Name: Institution: Introduction The United States of America is currently the strongest economy globally. The country has a number of strong economic sectors that function effectively offering job opportunities to its population and the ever-increasing number of immigrants…
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How do you think the United States government can be improved upon, changed, or reformed, to better represent your ideal governm
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"How do you think the United States government can be improved upon, changed, or reformed, to better represent your ideal governm"

Download file to see previous pages Every citizen either born or lives in the country is free and enjoys a number of liberties envisioned in the American constitution. The country tries to protect the interests of American citizens living out of the country. In order to secure a a safe society for her citizens, the country tries to develop working relationships with other countries in the international community. After more than a hundred years of independence, the country has grown both economically, socially and politically to become the world super power it is today. However, the government is still not ideal and therefore deserves a number of changes in order to create a government that protects the interest of the citizen2. An ideal government exists only in an ideal society. This implies that before changing the government into an ideal government, the society must also change to represent the different social groupings all of who must exist peacefully. Peace is an essential attribute and a tool of governance that most democracies such as the United States try to create in their countries. A peaceful society is conducive for development and depicts a just society that values humanity. Human rights still is an issue in the country’s social spheres. While the country has developed through the years to result in the creation of a liberal society in which everyone is free and at liberty to make his or her own choices. The society has shown some extent of laxity in accepting dynamism among its population. The victimization of minority groups such as the gay and lesbians depicts a society that is slow to accept those it considers strange. An ideal society is one in which everyone lives freely enjoying their differences3. By victimizing a section of the population, the population portrays a failure by the government in creating a free fair and just society. Political leadership make policies and their acceptance of such minority groups compel adherence to such decrees thereby improving respect for humanity despite the diversities that humanity present. The country has an effective legal system, one that shows respect for humanity and offers equal opportunity both for the defense and for the plaintiff to present their argument and thereafter determine an effective judgment followed by a culpable punishment. The legal system works in unison with other arms of the government through which it obtains the legislations it implements. This requires unity in the operation of the different arms of the government. An effective judicial system coupled with an ineffective correctional facility is equally unrealistic. The correctional facilities must portray respect for human rights thereby defend them. It is in jails that people exist lawlessly and carry out activities that demean the value of humanity. The government should therefore develop correctional facilities that do not only restrain offenders from interacting with the rest of the society but just as the name suggests changes them thereby making them better citizens. Rehabilitation of behavior begins from the recognition of the equal value of humanity in the inmates thereby defending such. However, the system must be punitive enough to earn the plaintiff the satisfaction of compensation. The United States of America is not as peaceful as it may appear. The tranquility that the country enjoys currently exhibits deeper social injustices and past transgressions that the government must address in the process of becoming ideal4. For a long ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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