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Essay on your understanding of a call praying for sheetrock - Book Report/Review Example

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Praying For Sheetrock Name Institution The book Praying for Sheetrock is a nonfiction work by Mellissa Fay Greene written about a real life story of the people of the country of McIntosh in Georgia. It is based on four characters who wish to right the wrongs that were being done against the black community…
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Essay on your understanding of a book call praying for sheetrock
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"Essay on your understanding of a call praying for sheetrock"

Download file to see previous pages The people came to be fed up with his behavior and were angered by the shooting of a black man by the police. It took the courage of the man called Thurnnel Alston who challenged the corrupt Sheriff and this completely transformed the lives of the people of the country (Greene 1992). This article is a review of the book; Praying for Sheetrock. The black residents in the county of McIntosh during the 1970s lived in an era where they were not able to get basic amenities were uneducated and the highest population was unemployed. Mellissa gives the insight of the people living in this county and this gives the reader a glimpse into the thinking of the people living in the civil movement era. The corrupt Sherriff Popell had so much power over the black community who had come to accept the situation as it was. A key character in this book is Thurnell Alston. He was concerned about giving people equal rights when he was still a young boy. He one requested the Sherriff to give aid to the black community during the rainy season when most of them were jobless and starving. The Sherriff declined to help because he believed that leaving the black people to stay hungry gave them absolute control (Greene 1992). At this point, Thurnell started to keep a tract of the wrongs metered towards him and his community lowering their dignity and vowed to take action when he was age. When he was 26, he was appointed as the first African representative in the workers union. This was after he had complained to his employers of the discrepancies in the treatment of white and black workers. Years after, he became the country commissioner of the local government and continued in his pursuit of ensuring equality treatment of the black community. At this time, some white legal aid lawyers arrived and helped him in accomplishing his pursuit. As a commissioner Alsotn ensured that the black community got access to the amenities that they needed. He built a medical facility in an area dominated by the black community. This went a long way in helping the impoverished people who could barely afford their daily bread leave alone medical care. The whites saw him as a person who cam e to challenge the status quo. The arrival of the lawyers brought a political awakening in the county of McIntosh. For instance, the night prayer meetings he; at shorter chapel were transformed from being religious to being purely political. Thurnell use the sacred words of the bible in opening the minds of the people to address the social and political issues that faced them. It is thus evident that religion was used to bring the African Americans together in their quest for social change. Their action lead to the ultimate abolishment of the court house gang legislative system and the breaking down of the Sherriff Popell political clique. As such, the black community is now assured of equal treatment with the incoming of new governance. Despite the fact that Thurnell had proven to be an impeccable leader in fighting for the rights of the black community, his dark private live leads to his downfall. Mellissa has been successful in writing this narrative and giving insight into the lives of the blacks living in the rural south during this time. Many readers may not have experienced this but through her vivid description and style of getting into the minds of the characters; she has successes in painting a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Your Understanding of a Book Call Praying for Sheetrock Report/Review.
“Essay on Your Understanding of a Book Call Praying for Sheetrock Report/Review”, n.d.
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