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Marie De France Era - Essay Example

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This essay concerns the Marie de France verses that have been dedicated towards the understanding and narration of what was the trend and approach towards marriage in those days. Admittedly, Marie De France hailed from an era which was driven and characterized by court relationships…
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Marie De France Era
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"Marie De France Era"

Download file to see previous pages As for technical grounds, the contradiction can be found in the writing when it comes to fulfillment of the marriage vows and that obligation that come along with it. This is presented in case of a young girl, who is married to an elderly person and the couple is a total mismatch, and she is as in figure of speech being caged, and seeking salvation, she pleads for a messiah who comes in form of messiah of love and this leads to the spark of physical desire and love. Being totally non-platonic, this falls right into contradiction with the views those are being carried about marriage in the first half, where she lambasts the court practices and the common performance of adultery in the court four walls. She does not approve of any illegitimate and outside marriage physical relation, and this can be clearly inferred from by mention of adultery that was largely in routine and was not looked up to. However in the later part when the girl who the girl’s prayers get answered and a hawk is being sent over which later on becomes her lover.
The theme is full of expression of love and feeling, and even the beginning is marked by one similar event, where suffering and testing of a soul is joined and folded in the concept of love. It is presented in form of Guigemar who is totally indifferent to the concept of love in the beginning and later on gets embalmed into the vicious element of love which is hard to come out of once entered into. This part of the narrative work is independent of the nature of love or the kind. (from physical or platonic). However the second part of their tale is marked by the physical desire and love for one another when they through the force of love and magic come together again. Le Fresne’s tale is another similar account which has been expressed to explain the love. Lais of Marie de France is actually a collection of poems that was written around the medieval times, although no exact details are available yet all that are available are sufficient enough to deduce the theme and tone of her thinking, her narration and her mind. Considering suffering as an attached part of love, she advocates the concept of unlawful practices of marriage through the lovers who are admired by the girls who themselves are in difficult times and they welcome the lovers despite being in a matrimonial relationship in other place which is in tatters in this regard thereby allowing them a reason to look out of the window even after being hooked in a matrimonial relationship. She does not stand indifferent to the element of love and values it, yet has different interpretation in different times, which leads to the argument that her first part of paper advocates a different approach of love and relationship, while the second part sees slight deviance from the earlier established concept. The element of trouble, sorrow, loneliness, separation, mismatch, all has been made a part of love, and for this purpose, she has defended the concept of illegitimate relationship. Hence a clear inconsistency exists and it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marie De France Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Marie De France Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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