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Introduction Considering a thorough review is made of the global political system, only a handful of definitions are available with which to fully describe it. These definitions are as follows: imperialistic, polyarchic, or aristocratic. Conversely, currently there are many forms of governance that exist, from a high level of democracy to its complete antithesis – a controlling and repressive dictatorship…
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Global political economy
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Download file to see previous pages and definition that real free trade is both beneficial and possible. Question one According to Aristotle democracy is usually not the best form governance. This is also true for oligarchy and the monarchy rule. The rule in democracy is for and by the people who are named in the government type. Aristotle’s main litmus test for styles of governance can be defined as whether or not he viewed them as ultimately virtuous or non-virtuous. According to Aristotle (5) asserts that the decision-making process that takes place within a true democracy as ultimately non-virtuous. This is due to the fact that Aristotle previously defined virtue as a trait that is less common than non-virtue. Therefore, by very definition, rule by majority would be much more likely to display non-virtue than virtue. According to Aristotle, the reason that democracy is unable to present a high level of virtue among the citizenry of a given region/nation is due to the fact that democracy is ultimately based on a flimsy and misunderstood representation of the word freedom. Aristotle (7) reported that, “democracies define freedom badly... Everyone lives as he wants and toward whatever end he happens to crave”. What this ultimately represents is its schizoid system in which a litany of human wants, needs, and desires are all represented under the umbrella term of democracy; therefore somewhat whitewashing the term to appear to represent the desires and needs of a broad number of people. However, due to the fact that these individuals must be grouped by their handlers in order to speak to a specific range of needs, democracy rarely represents the needs of the people, masses, or the society at large. According to Aristotle a democracy is the rule of the majority and rule of the poor. When making a decision on the non-virtous and the virtous. Aristotle views that the rule of the majority in practise it is non-virtous because it is too hard to find the majority who can be virtous. The rule of the majority and the poor under a democracy does not aid the city state to attain its telos. As consequence, Aristotle is of the belief that a democracy is not a good form of rule because both the rule of the poor and majority does not attain the telos of the city state. Another reason why the democracy is not a virtous form of government is actually rooted in a concept of equality in a democracy. To Aristotle, a good government is one which is rules aristocratically; meaning that it based on merit (Aristotle 5). In Aristotle’s defination, a democratic is the one has the most people have a participation in the ruling. Thereby, there is at least an approximation of participation of on an equal basis because all the persons have equal participation rights. For Aristotle, the second determinant of whether or not democracy is a normal form of government that should be practiced around the world, he relies upon the definition and understanding of the concept ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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