The Violation of Human Rights in Central America: El Salvador - Essay Example

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This study will let you know about the causes of violation. One of those causes is that an ineffective judiciary and a corrupt police force contributed significantly to the rise of lawlessness, which gave rise to rampant violation of human rights across the country. …
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The Violation of Human Rights in Central America: El Salvador
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The Violation of Human Rights in Central America: El Salvador The high incidence of human rights violations in ElSalvador over the decades results from weak governance structures and inefficiencies in the law enforcement agencies. For more than a decade, El Salvador experienced a destructive civil war that weakened internal democracy and the rule of law. In the aftermath of the civil war, the country experienced a collapse of the rule of law, lack of public trust in institutions, and the rise of armed groups within the country (Ladutke 40). An ineffective judiciary and a corrupt police force were some of the issues that contributed significantly to the rise of lawlessness, which gave rise to rampant violation of human rights across the country. Perceptions arose regarding the biased nature of public institutions in favor of the state. It was believed that the central government had some significant influence in public institutions and used them to harass and intimidate the population into conforming with its own wishes and policies (Hayes, Michael, and David 69). The country is still on a recovery process but still experiences some incidents of police brutality, child labor, politically motivated violence, and the suppression of individual liberties and freedom. Many activists have accused the government of harassing and detaining persons believed to be threats to the system in the pretext of maintaining law and order. In this regard, it becomes important to consider the fact that some of the issues that relate to cases of human rights violations have been occasioned by the desire by the state to create an environment of fear to disallow political competition. The current legal framework, according to activists and lobbyists, is not sufficient to protect human rights. Reports of human rights abuses have featured various incidents in which the government failed to act appropriately to address the emerging issues of sectarian violence and police brutality (Pier 101). According to analysts, the country has made tremendous progress regarding the safeguarding of human rights and the protection of women and children (Pier 32). However, much of the challenge involves the establishment of sound legal framework that will support the stabilization of governance structures in ways that are consistent with international practices on the sustenance of human rights issues. In this regard, it becomes important to consider the fact that some of the issues that connect with human rights abuses relate to the inefficiency of the government structures to create an enabling environment for sustainable peace and protection for civil liberties in the country. The establishment of the rule of law in El Salvador requires a radical reforming of public institutions in ways that would allow for the decentralization of power and the separation of laws among the different institutions of the state (Lawrence 53). Weak governance structures have widened the socio-economic divide by increasing poverty and gender discrimination. Women and children have suffered more in the rampant abuses of human rights as compared to other people in the country. It is important to consider the fact that gender-based violence, violence against children, arbitrary incarceration, forced labor, child labor, domestic violence, and human trafficking have been cited in various reports as the main patterns of human rights violations in El Slavador. On this score, it becomes appropriate to consider the fact that reforming the public institutions and overhauling the system would be the most appropriate step that would restore public trust and enforce the rule of law. A critical assessment of human rights abuses in El Salvador would reveal that some of the issues that determine the cases of abuse demand the revamping of most of the institutions. The civil war that lasted for more than a decade impacted negatively on the economy and other sectors of production. The collapse of law and order rendered many aspects of the society nearly dysfunctional. It was necessary for the government to put in place measures that would restore public trust in ways that attend to the matter of human rights violations. Case analyses have shown that countries that emerge from troubled times tend to take long in addressing issues of governance, which provides opportunities for lawless groups to emerge in their midst. In the case of El Salvador, it might be argued that attempts by the government to put in place measures of addressing the imbalances have tended towards extremism. Governments forged after civil wars tend to put in place draconian laws and suppressive structures that are meant to protect the country from sliding back into anarchy. This perspective could explain the kind of high profile assassination of politicians, activists, and religious leaders in the past. In many cases, such laws and measures have been used negatively in the pursuit of narrow political ends. Only democratic processes can be put in place to protect human rights in El Salvador. An important point to note is that the different areas of the El Salvador society are connected in such a manner that the state of one of the areas will have significant impacts on the other areas. This implies that restoring the respect for human rights in the country requires radical reforms in all areas as opposed to peaceful efforts that have been undertaken in the past. Works Cited Hayes, Michael A, and David Tombs. Truth and Memory: The Church and Human Rights in El Salvador and Guatemala. Leominster: Gracewing, 2001. Ladutke, Lawrence M. Freedom of Expression in El Salvador: The Struggle for Human Rights and Democracy. Jefferson, NC [u.a.: McFarland, 2004. Lawrence, James T. Human Rights in the Americas. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2004. Pier, Carol. El Salvador: Deliberate Indifference : El Salvador's Failure to Protect Workers' Rights. New York, NY: Human rights watch (HRW, 2003. Read More
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