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Chinese Exclusion Act Name Institution Chinese Exclusion Act Introduction In the chapters set herein by the American government, the Chinese Exclusion Act is a moderated act that sought to execute various treaty stipulations that related to the people of China…
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Chinese Exclusion Act
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"Chinese Exclusion Act"

Download file to see previous pages A closer outlook into the issues that this Chinese Exclusion Act resolved to address point out that it brought about many significant restrictions against free immigration into the United States (Gyory, 2008). This paper will seek to discuss the inbounds of the Chinese Exclusion Act provided therein by the Act. The Act The establishment of the Chinese Exclusion Act saw thousands of both skilled and unskilled laborers of Chinese decency barred from entering the United States for ten good years (Gold, 2012). According to historical analysts, the Act made it clear that if any of the mentioned persons went against this stipulation, he or she stood to face a punishment of either deportation or imprisonment of a term equal to or exceeding ten years (Hune & Nomura, 2003). In deed, this stipulation brought about a consistent weary among the Chinese people where they were unable to go against the Act as it became fully enforceable by the US laws. During this time when the Chinese Exclusion Act was in full force, large numbers of Chinese suffered aimlessly mainly because of their decency as they were beaten brutally (Soennichsen, 2011). Additionally, the few who were able to migrate had to undergo a series of requirements, which were very expensive as they involved individuals proving to the government that they were in a position to immigrate (Gold, 2012). Many scholars argued that the enforcement of the Chinese Exclusion Act was simply a misnomer and did not deserve to be in place under any circumstances. This is so because, the existing laws that witness the Chinese face exclusionary problems came about because of the enactment of the Chinese Exclusion Act (Gyory, 2008). Getting the certification needed by the US government for it to allow a potential Chinese to live in America was hard, tedious, and expensive. The Chinese individuals living during this time suffered a misdemeanor effect simply due to the existence of segregation among people along boundaries that consisted of race and gender among others. Suggestions show that the enactment of this Act also affected other people including the Asians. In fact, documented evidence maintains that if any Chinese individual left the United States for another country, he or she had to obtain a reentry permit when coming back (Hune & Nomura, 2003). This kind of certification went ahead to afflict the chances Chinese people had when it came to becoming full citizens of the United States. As such, the Chinese and Asians would remain complete aliens whenever residing in the US territorial boundaries (Soennichsen, 2011). Following this preamble, it is seeable that when this Act came into passage, all the Chinese men living in the United States lost any chances of ever reuniting with their families and wives back at home on one end. On the other end, they also unable to establish a family of their own since they were no more but just mere aliens who had few privileges and tones of restrictions (Gold, 2012). Amendments Although several capitalists opposed the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act on matters related to economic factors, many Chinese people staying in the US faced a huge dilemma; they wondered whether to choose to go back to China and reunite with their families or stay in US forever (Gyory, 2008). In spite of the widespread enmity and dislike for the Chinese, some of the US ruling clergymen did not seem to draw satisfaction from the already set restrictions. They went ahead to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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