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Equality and Socialist Ideology - Essay Example

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With regards to the topic of equality and socialist ideology, there are a number of important linkages between these two terms that bear analysis. For purposes of this brief analysis, the terms equality and ideology will be analyzed on both a personal/individual level as well as on a systemic level. …
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Equality and Socialist Ideology
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"Equality and Socialist Ideology"

Download file to see previous pages Further, a great deal of historical context also needs to be considered with regards to determining how ideological and egalitarian concepts are born, gain notoriety, and work to incorporate themselves into a type of collectivized worldview that is ultimately translated back into the culture via the form of representative government. Although analyzing all of this necessarily lends itself to seeking to answer the age old riddle of what came first the chicken or the egg, the analysis itself will show that the process is symbiotic rather than mutually exclusive. Furthermore, by seeking to know and understand the levels to which these factors interlace and help to define the context of the culture and form of governance that pervades the current system, the reader can hope to gain valuable insights and key understandings with reference to seeking to better understand the world in which we live. As the two are so interlinked and bear such a high level of relation to one another, the first which will be discussed is equality with the second being ideology. Next a discussion of how these two forces interact and have an impact on culture and vice versa will be discussed followed by a final section on the impacts that both have on governance, self identity, and culture. The first determinant which will be discussed is that of ideology. As was noted in the introduction, the two terms which will be analyzed within the course of this essay are somewhat nebulous and do tend to feed back into one another at various junctures; however, for purposes of clarity, ideology should be tackled first. The reason for tackling the definition and means by which ideology influences upon equality first is due to the fact that in nearly every emergent movement, ideology or culture is the level of equality that the components seem to have concerning their members. This can be understood as a type of baseline for without it the level to which identity formation can begin to congeal is minimal (Angeloff et al 2012, p. 21). This has of course been noted time and time again throughout history as groups self actualize, form an identity, gain an ideology and only then consider the level to which the component parts will share in equality among the rest (McConnell 2010, p. 140). The ideological formation is extraordinarily important due to the fact that the components that are built within this phase directly impact upon the level of equality which is possible once the ideology itself has been formulated. Although the process that has herein been described appears to be something of rigid concept, the fact of the matter is that it is most fluid and open to the interpretation of the individuals that seek to form the ideology in the first place. This level of fluid change allows for the process to evolve in any number of ways; thereby making a firm and solid definition of the term even more difficult for the researcher. While on the topic of ideology, it is important to note that the process that has herein been described does not of course have to come as a function of forming a new system entirely; rather, it can come from redefining necessary components of a working system, worldview, or personal take on a given issue. As a function of this, the level to which these terms interrelate and coalesce becomes even more complex when one takes the issue outside of the bounds of systemic change and incorporates them into the realm of individual and worldview modulations (Whitely 1978, p. 211). This complicates the definition somewhat due to the fact that this level of incorporation necessarily bends and redirects the original ideology and identity that helped to form the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Equality and Socialist Ideology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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