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Is poverty of the third world the fault of the first world - Essay Example

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Is poverty of the third world the fault of the first world? Introduction Even after huge development in science and technology, poverty is still haunting the world. Even in developed countries poverty is not a myth but a fact. According to Usborne (2008), “28 million people in the US will be using government food stamps to buy essential groceries in the fiscal year 2008, the highest level since the food assistance program was introduced in the 1960s” (Usborne, 2008)…
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Is poverty of the third world the fault of the first world
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper I argue that the major reasons for poverty in third world countries is the activities of developed countries. Role of developed countries in causing poverty in third world In one world, as in one state, when I am rich because you are poor, and I am poor because you are rich, the transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor is a matter of rights; it is not an appropriate matter for charity.” Such are the angry claims of Julius Nyerere, president of the African nation of Tanzania. His sentiments are echoed by the Third-World revolutionary Frantz Fanon: “The question which is looming on the horizon is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity must reply to this question, or be shaken to pieces by it (Davis, 2012). Nobody is taking birth in this world as rich or poor. In fact natural resources are equally owned by the people in this world. However, rich people control the majority of the natural wealth in this world, not because of their rights but because of their ability to exploit it. Such people have the ability to exploit the natural wealth of even underdeveloped countries. Lack of education, unemployment and poverty, force governments in under developed countries to accept the strict terms and conditions put forward by the developed nations, for granting financial aids. Thus, the debts of poor countries are getting accumulated as time goes on. In short, developing countries are exploiting the weaknesses of poor countries while providing financial aids and hence the poverty in third world is remaining as a answerless problem. Because people in developed nations may have more wealth and resources than those in developing countries, their standard of living is also generally higher” (Poverty at large: A dark spot in humanity, n.d.). Higher living standards force people in developed countries to practice consumerism at the highest level. For example, wealthy people in developed countries have more than one vehicle in their family. When the number of vehicles increases, the consumption of petroleum products also increase. Since oil is a nonrenewable energy source, uncontrolled consumption of petroleum products results in rapid exhausting of energy sources. Shortage of oil sources cause price hike for petroleum products in global market. Price hike of petroleum products in global market increases the living costs in poor countries since petroleum products are necessary for the transportation of goods like food and other commodities. In short, increased consumption of petroleum products in developed countries is indirectly causing poverty in developed countries. Current world is extremely globalized and interconnected. The problems or developments in one part of the world can affect other parts of the world. MNC’s from developed countries are currently investing heavily in third world countries not for helping but for exploiting the natural resources of those countries. It is reported that billions of tons of food products are getting damaged in the warehouses of developed countries. In a globalized world, it is the duty of the developed countri ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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