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Child poverty - Term Paper Example

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Professor Name Day Month Year Child Poverty Part 1: Economic Situation/Problem The problem of child poverty has been an issue in society since we first began measuring it, and it transcends any concept of country wealth. Developed and developing countries alike have shown an inability to truly provide a mechanism by which children can rise out of poverty…
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Child poverty
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Download file to see previous pages This is often a result of the notion that children are powerless to defend themselves, so they quickly become at the mercy of adults in society. When those same adults fail to serve them adequately, abject poverty can result. In many parts of the world, indeed even in America, child poverty is becoming a serious issue that must be dealt with by the creation of a firm public policy. Such a policy would need to be aimed at providing community resources and assistance that enables all children to be free to excel and succeed in life by making sure that their basic human needs are being met. The reality is that, even in rough economic times, society has an obligation to care for the children in its fold, which is exactly why such a public policy is necessary in order to alleviate the problem of child poverty that is existent today. While child poverty is certainly more prevalent in some areas of the world than others, it is an issue that is far-reaching and touches nearly every part of society. Some items of note, as we consider the need for more firm policies directed at this problem, begins with dissecting some simple statistics. It is reported by UNICEF that at least 22,000 children are dying each day as a result of poverty (Olivier & Olivier, 2012). In a world with so much wealth and resources, this number is simply unacceptable. The reality is also that many of these 22,000 children die in the far reaches of the world, without anyone to notice or care. This makes the problem even more difficult to bring to the forefront of social conscience (Olivier & Olivier, 2012). The seriousness of this problem is reflected in these numbers and should be considered by any responsible global citizen as we all grapple with ways to properly care and provide for future generations. It is not only the starving child we see on charity advertisements that are living in poverty. There are countless millions of children who simply lack access to proper educational services, clothing, and shelter must of society deems as necessary to make a better life for themselves. These children experience feelings of abandonment and loneliness. They may have to adequate food and water, yet little more. They are the forgotten ones, and they are the ones that this problem must also focus on. Bell & Strelitz (2011) effectively point out that children who do not have access to proper educational services are more likely than other children to enter adulthood in poverty, repeating a never ending cycle that will not cease until the global community works to provide more than just food and shelter to poverty stricken children. Naturally, there is an even more serious side to child poverty facing us today. In the developing countries of the world, nearly 30 percent of children are now underweight or stunted in their growth. This is most commonly seen in areas of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (Olivier & Olivier, 2012). Furthermore, a number approaching 75 million of primary school-age children are not regularly attending any sort of educational institution, further compounding efforts to be removed from a situation of poverty. It is also important to note that nearly 60 percent of this number is comprised of girls, further widening the gender gap as it relates to poverty (Oliver & Olivier, 2012). In terms of defining child poverty, it is difficult to ascertain a specific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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