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Current Events and U.S. Diplomacy Name: Institution: Current Events and U.S. Diplomacy The Reagan Doctrine was a United States foreign policy that was set up in an effort to eliminate the communist governments that were common at that period in Asia, Latin America and Asia…
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Assignment 2: Current Events and U.S. Diplomacy
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Download file to see previous pages A part from eliminating the communist governments, the United States was out to encourage democracy and capitalism in the areas where communism was being practiced (Bermann pg 100, 1996). The philosophy behind this Doctrine is believed to have originated from the invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The United States under the leadership of President Jimmy Carter supported Afghanistan by offering military training and weapons to fight against the Soviet forces. The relationship between America and Afghanistan started and became important only after the onset of the Cold War. President Truman Harry encouraged the relationship between the two countries and based his hopes on the senior diplomats from the two countries to strengthen this relationship. This was followed by expeditions between the two countries with the official diplomats visiting the each other. The Afghanistan’s Prime Minister was given the chance to address the United States Congress in the year 1985 and the main issue in his speech was the need to strengthen the relation between Afghanistan and America (Berman pg 98, 1996).. The two countries signed the cultural exchange agreement which strengthen the relationship between the two countries and reaffirmed the relationship between the leaders. ...
its aid to programs on technical assistance so as to help in the development of the necessary skills required in coming up with a modern economy (Burns pg 23, 1999). The contact between the two nations was strengthened further during the Cuban Revolution which took place in the 1950’s. As the Soviet Union came out in support of Fidel Castro, the United States on the other hand supported Afghanistan. The interest of the United States in Afghanistan was to try stop communism from spreading and to weaken the Soviet Union’s strength into South Asia. The relationship between Afghanistan and United States has strengthened over the years and this can be seen in the way the two countries relate. In May this year, the two countries signed the ‘Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement’ which brought together the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (Flanagan pg 140, 2000). This agreement was a strategic partnership agreement that was signed for ten years to show the enduring commitment of the United States to strengthen the stability, sovereignty and prosperity of Afghanistan (Flanagan pg 134, 2000). The United States also committed itself to continue with her support on the war against al-Qaida and made clear its intention of designating Afghanistan as a major ally of non-NATO. The United States has also committed itself to assist Afghanistan to re-establish itself following the many years of war. In addition to its combat mission aimed at stabilizing the security situation in Afghanistan, the United States has come up with plans to remain engaged in Afghanistan diplomatically, economically and politically for a long term (Oberdorfer pg 49, 1999). The United States has also offered expertise and resources in various areas in Afghanistan such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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