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World Politics Journal Entry 1 Issue: Bilateral Diplomacy. The aftermath of September 11, 2001, left a very indelible mark in the United States. When the former President George W. Bush declared that the United States would wage a global war campaign against terrorism, he knew that the United States alone cannot effectively engage such a fight alone…
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Download file to see previous pages Despite years have passed since the Cold War ended, the hidden ambivalence and suspicions between the two world powers remain. The Russian conflict in Chechnya has been denounced vocally by the US, while its president, former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, has been viewed with suspicion due to his hard-hand methods. However, the world being under the threat of global terrorism, the United States would be willing to overlook those matters for much more pressing concerns. Given Russia's cooperation so far in the U.S. war in Afghanistan, including its sharing intelligence about al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Bush is apt to comply (James Carney, Our New Best Friend, Russian support to the American global war against terrorism would be looked with both the Russians and the Americans looking at the advantages of such agreements. The Americans gain better assets in their campaign while the Russians gain better favor and image in the eyes of the Western world. Source cited Carney, J. “Our New Best Friend?” Time Magazine. 12 Nov 2012. Web. 27 May 2002. World Politics Journal Entry 2 Issue: Military Intervention In the year 2008, the Georgian-South Ossetian War broke-out with Georgian forces breaking through the South Ossetian border while the two regions exchanged fierce artillery firing. The involvement of Russia in this conflict caught the world’s attention more closely. For one, South Ossetia is considered to be one of the sub-republics of the Russian Federation. Any attack on a territory under the Russian Federation would lead to a very forceful reprisal. This, unfortunately, happened to the Georgians who faced a terrific defeat by Russian forces. A year afterwards, ready, and waiting. Georgia and Russia have traded increasingly belligerent accusations against the other as the anniversary of last year's five-day war has approached in recent weeks; these soldiers, sent by Moscow to guard the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, are on the front line of that war of words (John Wendle, A Year After War, S.Ossetia More Dependent on Russia, As the region of South Ossetia still reels and remembers from the attack made by the Georgians, it is only logical for South Ossetia to look on to Russia for aid. The Russians also see this as a matter and opportunity that they cannot let slide. It has been the goal of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and also noticed by the rest of the world powers, to expand Russian influence towards the territories it once held during the Cold War. This could be seen as Russia’s attempt to restore its Cold War era status as a superpower in par with its Western rivals such as the United States. Source Cited Wendle, J. “A Year After War, S.Ossetia More Dependent on Russia”. Time Magazine. 12 Nov 2012. Web. 10 Aug 2009. World Politics Journal 3 Issue: Military Rearmament During the Cold War, the United States considered the former Soviet Russia as such a powerful force to reckon with that it led to a full-scale arms race. By the end of the Cold War, however, Russia lost due to not having the sufficient economy to support its staggering military expenditure. It did not help either that the first administration of the Russian Federation under the late President Boris Yeltsin was rampant with corruption and inflation. The Russian military at this time was at a point of slow decline. Come the term of the new Russian leader Vl ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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