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Author Tutor Course Date Cultural Mythology (Indian Culture) Outline Introduction 1 Meaning and purpose of myths 2 Indian Mythology and Religious Diversity 2 Indian Epic Poetry 3 Verdict Mythology 4 Hindu Mythology 5 Buddhist Mythology 6 Indian Religious Mythology 7 Conclusion 8 Works Cited 9 Introduction The truth of myths is derived form reality, and they tackle tangible world issues, which affect the lives of people using imaginary events and characters…
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Download file to see previous pages The key focus of this paper is to determine the significance of the religious myth in the Indian culture, as well as the ability of mythology in Indian culture to reflect the values, beliefs and philosophies, which guide the daily lives of people, in India. Religious mythology is an essential component of Indian culture, and Indians hold it dear to their lives. Meaning and purpose of myths Myths are tales and stories, which are used to enlighten people and guide them by sharing collective knowledge and encounters. The facts of myths are obtained from reality and handle real world problems affecting the lives of individuals by the use of imaginary characters and events. Myths tend to explain survival of natural phenomena or beliefs, tribal customs, describe the establishment and origin of rituals, proper behavior instruction and entertainment (Joseph Campbell Foundation par. 13-16). Primarily, myths serve the purpose of giving vivid explanations of cultural and natural phenomena. The evolution of mythology owes its credit to the quest and desire of people to develop a deep understanding about the world. Secondly, myths serve the purpose of justifying, validating, and explanation of the continuation of social systems and traditional customs and rites. It is imperative to note that myths have secondary purpose, which includes instruction vehicles and tools and source of healing among others (Joseph Campbell Foundation par. 13-16). Indian Religious Myth and Diversity There are diverse religious activities and beliefs in India, and the socio-cultural habits in that region of the planet tend to be equally rich and diverse, as they incorporate many nations with religious backgrounds that tend to be extremely vivid. Indian mythology analyzes the entire myths associated with Buddhist, Jain and Hindu among other scriptures (Lauhitya Kingdom par. 1-15). Evidently, the richest element of the Indian culture is the Indian mythology; the mythology can be termed as essential in modeling the Indian culture, as well as the beliefs. The stories and encounters of the Indian mythology have been passed from one generation to the next, either through keen story telling or systematically written books and articles. It is vital to note that Indian mythology cannot be separated from the religion of India; the myths describe the religious goddesses’ and gods’ accounts for the vast Indian population (Lauhitya Kingdom par. 1-15). It is imperative to note that oral transmission of Indian mythology has become the most effective because people believe in the religious teachings given orally. Further, Buddha mythology and Hindu mythology form part of Indian mythology, and they will be discussed deeply in the course of the paper. Jatakas include tales that contain the legends and myths, related to Buddha, as well stories of the birth of Buddha, his life and his Nirvana attainment (Lauhitya Kingdom par. 1-15). Indian Epic Poetry The mythology of India and Indian epic poetry also relate to one another and married to each other. The two interrelate on various grounds, which show the significance of the rich reserve of poems written in India. Epic poetry describes a long poem, which narrates the daring exploit of a person in ways, which tend to be basic to the culture and beliefs of Indian people. Epic poems are laden with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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