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The Civil War is, beyond doubt, the most critical and pivotal event of the 19th century if not all of American History. Explain - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Key Words: Industrialization, Abolition of Slavery, Infrastructure, African American, President Barrack Hussein Obama The Civil War is, beyond doubt, the most critical and pivotal event of the 19th century if not all of American History…
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The Civil War is, beyond doubt, the most critical and pivotal event of the 19th century if not all of American History. Explain
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"The Civil War is, beyond doubt, the most critical and pivotal event of the 19th century if not all of American History. Explain"

Download file to see previous pages They include equality, immigration benefits especially in the North, replacement of slavery with racial favoritism and development of the South after ceasing to be a “King Cotton” region (Ennis 19). The latter aspect was due to the abolition of slavery, which many plantation masters utilized in tilling and harvesting their cotton (Ennis 15). American civil war besides its occurrence dating many years ago, its impacts characterizes the present state of Americans’ lives. The agitation for the abolition of slavery especially by the Abraham Lincoln and the Northerners yielded to the present equality (Ennis 17). This emanated from the then core argument that accelerated the abolition of slavery, which stated, “No man had more rights than the other despite the color of an individual’s skin”. The acceptance of abolition of slavery/servitude was not easy especially among the Southerners who solely relied on slaves in their cotton plantations besides in doing other hard domestic chores (Ennis 18). Therefore, Southerners having no other alternative, they yielded to the Northerners’ pressure, which led to the emancipation of the enslaved blacks. Emancipation offered the then oppressed blacks and other marginalized races a chance to agitate for their civil rights and dignity, which led to the present equality (Mccurry 60). ...
This is because compared to the Southern region; there were acceptance and free interactions of diverse races in the north (Ennis 20). In addition, the end of slavery implied an increased competition for jobs in the south especially from the freed blacks where the non-American whites were not willing to experience. Therefore, they ended up relocating to the North where they inhabited diverse regions to form homogeneous cultures besides intermarrying with other races (Mccurry 60). For example, Milwaukee and Cincinnati cities, mostly inhabited by Germans to the present despite diverse and numerous interactions with other races. Mass migration of diverse races to the North also yielded to the reborn of the present United States, which comprises of diverse races that form one homogenous entity. This has given birth to a new generation almost having similar trends especially in the mode of dressing and music (Hip Hop). The banning of servitude severely affected the southerners’ economy, which solely relied on agriculture (Ennis 17). Therefore, they had no option but to invest in other sectors to rebuild their economy, which prompted them to focus on establishing industries besides improving the states’ infrastructures. This is evident from the southern regions’ current state where the countries have turned their focus to industrializing diverse ventures, for instance, dairy farming (Ennis 20). The trend from then to date has not changed where the southern region has kept on improving its infrastructures. This is because of the worldwide perception concerning the essence of intensive industrialization, which leads to a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Civil War is, beyond doubt, the most critical and pivotal event of Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1459908-the-civil-war-is-beyond-doubt-the-most-critical
(The Civil War Is, Beyond Doubt, the Most Critical and Pivotal Event of Essay)
The Civil War Is, Beyond Doubt, the Most Critical and Pivotal Event of Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1459908-the-civil-war-is-beyond-doubt-the-most-critical.
“The Civil War Is, Beyond Doubt, the Most Critical and Pivotal Event of Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1459908-the-civil-war-is-beyond-doubt-the-most-critical.
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