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Why did the United States become an Imperial power during the late 1800's-early 1900's - Research Paper Example

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The United States of America is one of the major powers of the world for more than two centuries now. It has had its influence on various parts of the world. While the earlier centuries can be attributed to the British colonies, but ever since Great Britain lost control over parts of the world, it has been America’s dominance. …
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Why did the United States become an Imperial power during the late 1800s-early 1900s
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"Why did the United States become an Imperial power during the late 1800's-early 1900's"

Download file to see previous pages The term imperialism is of great importance in the field of politics yet it is defined as the endeavor of a country towards its expansion which is based on military strength or other back door efforts which are backed by the reason of local dissatisfaction, unelected government in place, or other various issues which makes it a ground enough for the invading country to infiltrate and dictate its terms and conditions. It is often termed as the coercive relationship establishment by overthrowing of the existing setup and bringing about the setup that is of less resistance to the occupying forces (Lenin, 93). Imperialism like other forces of social acts, comes with its pros and cons, the element of freeing its citizens from its oppressors is a blessing in disguise, while occupying the land, using its resources to own benefits, violating its sovereignty is the downside of the entire affair. The positive side is the expansion of markets, the businessmen get to invest in new markets, new capitals, and hence more chance of prosperity and economic stability. Over all the imperialism concept comes blended with its positives and negatives. It does not have to be pure and direct means of all out war, many a times, and the pulse is controlled through diplomatic ties, indirect perks and protections. Hence Imperialism is not just the name of military offensive and battle field stories. Its scope is relatively wide, even proxy wars are inside the scope of this phenomenon. The American Mexican war that was fought in mid 19th century (1846) is termed as an example of American imperialism (Eisenhower). The importance of the moves made in middle 19th century and beginning of 20th century was largely capitalized in the War World One and World War Two. All these annexed nations provided strategic grounds against hostile nations. Spanish American war is another glimpse of American Imperialism. Spaniards were easily humbled in this account and this was fought just round the corner of new millennium when the world was entering into 20th century. This was of high significance since it resulted in United States of America over powering Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Spain had to withdraw from this region and America was in good health to look after the neighboring nations and maintain its hegemony in the region. Many a times the democracy and freedom cry are coated in the real motive of strategic advantage seeking. This is done through ousted of some existing outsiders. The Cuban war in the end of century was an example of this kind when the Spaniards were sent out their way and limited to continent Europe. Building the Panama Canal: Panama Canal is another point of significance that had its importance towards the interest of American navy. They through the battle with Spain subdued this region which rightly served the interest of American navy. This was the building bridge towards control in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Large numbers of marines were sent over for this purpose through the formal approval of the political and administrative heads. Again, this was done to mitigate any danger that the American navy faced by coming from other direction. Seeking its on interest and safety, another step in the name of imperialism, yet it was the order of the day and had to be done to ensure the safety of its personnel. Columbia on this account backed out right at the eleventh hour and the administration of America had to take punitive steps to ensure the accomplishment. Panama which was under the control of Columbians, was supported sufficiently enough by the Americans to create a uproar for their independence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Did the United States Become an Imperial Power During the Late Research Paper)
Why Did the United States Become an Imperial Power During the Late Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1458080-why-did-the-united-states-become-an-imperial-power.
“Why Did the United States Become an Imperial Power During the Late Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1458080-why-did-the-united-states-become-an-imperial-power.
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