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Prostitution Must Be Legalized in US Introduction Prostitution is referred to the act of offering oneself on rental basis for sexual purposes. The term prostitution is mostly used to refer to the act of selling a female or the female selling herself for sexual reasons…
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Download file to see previous pages Legalizing refers to the act of changing the status of an act from illegal to legal through changes in constitution and rules and regulations made by the courts. To legalize prostitution, the current illegal stats applied to the act of prostitution will have to be changed to legal status through policy making. When the debate of legalizing prostitution occurs several reasons are stated for and against this act. Statistical prevalence rate of prostitution are hard to figure out as the act of prostitution is conducted in quite a secretive manner and very few are held responsible for being a part of it. The most vulnerable stakeholder of the act of prostitution is the female gender and due to their vulnerability they are the ones who are mostly held responsible. Those who purchase prostitutes and those who act as middlemen are hardly found to be held responsible for being a part of the act of prostitution. According to FBI statistics provided during 2009, the number of arrests conducted for purpose of prostitution and commercial purchase and sale of sex was 56,560 (FBI, 2012). Out of this figure 31, 699 were whites, 23,021 were blacks, 427 individuals were natives of the region of Alaska and American Indians and those from Asia were 1,413 individuals (FBI, 2012). The arrest rates during the same period of individuals who were below the age of 18 and were involved in prostitution totaled to 1,072 individuals and those above 18 were 55,488 individuals (FBI 1). Certain nations have legalized prostitution, others have decriminalized prostitution and certain countries have even decreased the laws regarding the act of prostitution. In Africa only two nations have recognized prostitution as legal; prostitution is even legal in European nations, North American nations, Oceanic nations and Nevada which is located within US and certain South American nations. The point to be noted is that although it has achieved legal status in all these areas, but it is governed through strict rules and regulations. This paper will focus on the benefits that will be attained through the act of legalizing prostitution. The benefits of legalizing prostitution but in a strictly regulated manner can be experienced in field of economics, security and health. If prostitution is legalized its benefits can be both experienced by the private and the public sector. Body Economic Benefits for Prostitutes and Government Those in the favor of legalizing prostitution have stated various economic benefits that can be attained through legalizing prostitution. The current criminal justice system of the US is experiencing various problems. The population of the jailhouses is increasing day by day and the government does not have enough reserves to provide funds for the increasing cost of operating prisons. There are several solutions through which the problem of funding prisons and managing prisons can be settled. In order to change the face of the criminal justice system and the prison management system, prostitution should be made legal and it should be highly supervised and regulated. The estimated cost of arresting a prostitute and dealing with his/her case costs thousands of dollars. According to the statistics of 1987, the total cost of arresting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“PROSTITUTION MUST BE LEGALIZED IN THE UNITED STATES Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1457425-prostitution-must-be-legalized-in-the-united.
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Legalization of prostitution
The United States has felt this same evolution as prostitution was once a common thing, whereas currently it is perceived as utterly wrong. According to William Sanger (1897), the majority of prostitutes were in their late teens to early twenties and they generally came from poor or broken families and were largely illiterate.
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Teenage Prostitution
If they pause to wonder about a teen prostitute's life-to ask what it's really like, what would make a young person want to live like that, or what prostitution does to a teenager-they will not find many clues in the ordinary world. Even when the news tells of the death or the arrest of a young prostitute, it rarely explains anything about the world that young person lived in.
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Should Prostitution be Outlawed
The game of money and pleasure is considered to be the oldest business known to mankind. Usually, the occupation of prostitution is considered a societal failing, a disgraceful taboo and the base of sexuality and economic existence. The process of “Reformation” is as old as the infamous occupation itself; women involved in “Sex-Oriented occupation” or female sex workers, have been the prime targets of reformers, more than the male or trans gender sex workers.
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Legalising Prostitution: Law and Morality
Some European countries, like Germany and Netherlands have decriminalized and /or legalized prostitution and given it the status as any other normal work or profession. It included decriminalizing brothels, the customers and the pimps. UK government follows the theory of abolitionism, where per se the act of prostitution is not directly an illicit act, however, majority of the activities associated with the profession have been declared illegal.
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Arguing against legalizing prostitution
Netherlands and Germany are some of the countries in Europe who have legalized and/ or decriminalized systems of prostitution, by which all stakeholders including pimps, brothels and buyers have also been decriminalized. In Thailand and other places, the government legally prohibits prostitution activities and enterprises, but in fact permits brothels to function, along with the buying of women for commercial sexual exploitation, especially in its sex tourism industry.
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Human rights and freedoms are chosen as a point for evaluation because they can be found in both pro and cons arguments and they are vital to the validity of claims. Social control is selected as a
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Legalization of Prostitution
12), sexual service markets that involve deception, fraud, children, and coercion, generally those that are egregiously exploitative and non-consensual should be restricted due to their immoral nature. Normally, these latter practices are given terms like
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Prostitution in the United States
Drug abuse and dependence coupled with a lack of resources has resulted in many women turning to prostitution for the support of their drug habits and their lifestyles. With an estimated two million women working as prostitutes in the United States, this is a subject that bears examination (Murphy 775).
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Youth Prostitution In Canada
It is estimated through various research work that female street prostitutes outnumber males. The 'typical' Canadian street prostitute, either male or female, enters the trade somewhere between the ages of thirteen and nineteen years, usually after running away from either a state home (group homes, foster homes, etc.) or the home of one or both natural parents.
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Prostitution is being experienced by all societies throughout the world, due to increase in the rate of prostitutions, legality of prostitution have been challenged. Several states within US have
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