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Juxtapositions of the modern and the archaic - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Southern Crossing Introduction There were high emotions amid individuals especially in the southern race. Washington claimed to have found one white man who believed in one Negro discreetly, which was also similar to the Negro’s towards the white man…
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Juxtapositions of the modern and the archaic
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Juxtapositions of the modern and the archaic

Download file to see previous pages... It was extremely absurd; when his aunt continuously corrected him to be addressing respectable black man by the initials, Mr. Her aunt told him that he should address them by the name nigger. This went on until young children got used to addressing black people as Negros. White men held rituals that showed respect and affection to maintain the impression of personal relationship that never existed. Black men used the initials Mr. once addressing a white man and Miss to a woman (Ayers 100). This never happened when white people were addressing black people as they addressed them rather by their names, which was a sign of disrespect. Black women did not have the privilege of having the initials Mrs by their names but instead assumed the name of an “aunt” prior their first names. Black men’s address was Negros, which mostly was evident in the newspapers or just as two boys were killed. It was not customary for the two races to shake hands or socialize in public besides black men to removing their hats in public places especially those meant for the whites, but white people did not remove hats in homes owned by black people. There were days that were set aside for black people to shop and socialize. Saturday was set aside for black people to shop and socialize thus white people did not go to towns. ...
Many white and black people tried to create a humane relationship even though hate and dislike characterized the then atmosphere in the atmosphere. The whites believed that being kind to the old and respectable blacks was a sign of strong character. Rituals that revealed race relationship normally marked the Christmas holiday. Southern blacks celebrated Christmas as a moment of white giving gifts to the blacks and offering freedoms. However, the ritual went on fading, and it only remained in some plantations (Ayers 102). This practice remained in some parts since the white people deemed that black people were naturally beggars. This annoyed the white people as blacks begged from morning to evening. Besides, black Negroes demonstrated that there were laws in Christmas. They could move around the streets making jokes and shouting since they recognized themselves as equals to white people. When black people had nobody else to turn to, they sought help from the white people. They begged for bread and others edible stuffs during Christmas, though some could resolve to toil for themselves. For illustration, there was woman left by the  husband, and he had to borrow food for Christmas. His husband who fled with another woman left her, and she worked all day long to provide for his family. There are laws, which barred or discouraged rural urban - race relations. Sectors like rural roads, cotton grins and stores; there was no evidence of segregation. Anglers and hunters respected laws and rules as long they were fair regardless of law. White and black men used to work together in these sectors besides seen around fireplaces while women cooked from the same kitchen, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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