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World War II Pacific Campaign - Essay Example

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It is a matter of fact that wars do not just begin in space, but relies upon certain factors and facilitators to organize and trigger the war. In normal circumstances, the proceeding war may expand to cover a broad area or large group of participants, some of whom did not take part in the inception. …
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World War II Pacific Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages The resultant effect of any war may be positive or negative depending on the actual causes and the main reasons as to the breakout. Positive effects of wars occur if by the end of the specific war, the participant embraces peace on the account of fearing each others’ strength and war capabilities. Sometimes the end of the given war may prove blessing moment for the particular participants especially upon achieving economic stability derived from increased production activities and sales of war equipments to the other participants. The negative effects of any war involve the massive loss of lives of the soldiers participating in the given war. Economy of some of the participating parties may also end up crushing beyond repair, thus marking the error of economic struggle. World War II was one of the magnificent types of war having been fought across all the six world’s continents. The reasons for the outbreak of this war related to the Global economic depression that begun in 1922, and shook the world’s unity and trust1. The result of the untrustworthy among nations especially in Europe was the fight for economic and military dominancy over the region and world in general. Following the massive destruction witnessed, friendly nations across the world begun to initiate alliances that would enable them fight the common aggressors and attain peace. Attaining this peace took a very long process that saw increased devastation of properties and lives of the conflicting alliances. However, after the long struggle and massive devastation, the world finally achieved the long lasted peace, but leaving behind scars that have never disappeared to date. Fascism defined the benchmark of power organization across the world upon the onset of the World War II. The spirit of fascism first occurred in Italy in 1920, when country was under the rule of Benito Mussolini. This antidemocratic spirit then spread to Germany as embraced by Adolf Hitler, Spain as adopted by Francisco Franco and Japan under Hideki Tojo. Remaining countries major countries like Britain, France, and Russia and by extension USA opposed fascism. 2The spirit of fascism saw countries like Italy and Germany breaking the initially signed Versailles Treaty intended to limit imperialism of the parties. Japan also being under the military rule, planned to increase its territory across China and elsewhere in the world to consolidate land for its industrial raw materials and market. 3These quests for power saw the world into the WW II, with Germany shaking Europe with great war force. Japan also continued to break through China and some parts of Europe while at the same time killing and torturing innocent citizens. In response to this feud in Europe and desire to restore peace, the Soviet Union lined up with Communists countries in Europe, Britain, France and USA to form the Popular Front. The group mainly comprised of members who condemned fascism and its effects in Europe and world in general. The Popular Front however stumbled upon the official inception of World War II, when France and Britain attacked Germany with USA withdrawing to take a neutral position. In 1940, USA tended to favor and side with Britain after signing pact that would allow USA offer military assistance and supplies to Britain. In 1941 after the US Presidential elections, Presidential elect Roosevelt sensed danger to the US security earmarked by increasing attack on Britain. For this reason, he instituted the Lend-Lease Act that would see USA provide direct assistance to Britain4. After facing severe attacks from Germany, Soviet Union (Russia) also sought for inclusion in the Lend-Lease Act ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World War II Pacific Campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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