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Campaign Finance Reform: Positive Steps in the Right Direction - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Campaign Finance Reform: Positive Steps in the Right Direction" investigates whether campaign finance reform has had a positive effect on the campaign climate or not. The research also in detail shows its points on various examples and articles…
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Campaign Finance Reform: Positive Steps in the Right Direction
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Extract of sample "Campaign Finance Reform: Positive Steps in the Right Direction"

Download file to see previous pages Criticisms of attempts to reform the system usually reference factors other than its overall positive affect on elections and transparency, causing some, especially politically conservative pundits who favor a free market attitude regarding campaign finance, to charge that it has been largely ineffective. “...campaign-finance regulation, has been a bust. Politics is no less corrupt than before McCain-Feingold was passed in 2002. And, in the minds of many Americans, things have actually gotten worse” (Sager, par. 2). Based on statistics gathered in 2005 “... only 9 percent of filers elected to support the Presidential Election Campaign Fund; the number has been decreasing steadily for years” (Sager, par. 4). To make what he sees as a larger point, Sager focuses on attitudes toward public contribution, which is a small aspect of campaign finance reform.
The intimation is that people, electors, have no interest in campaign finance reform and that attempts to do so are a futile waste of time. Obviously this article and Sager’s opinions were written before the 2009 Presidential election, when Barak Obama raised an enormous election war chest through public contributions. However, campaign finance reform is not only a matter of how Americans feel about publically-financed election campaigns; it is related to our very democracy and who is actually in control of our government.
The original McCain-Feingold bill addressed issues pertinent to this. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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